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Hey guys!  WOW this week has been crazy and I’m just a little bit excited to kiss it goodbye.  My big kids got the flu yesterday and… despite my better judgement, I’m gonna tell you a real quick story ha ha!  Savy was the saddest little sick person you’ve ever seen in your life.  She kept asking, “Mom, why do I have to be sick?  It’s sooo boring!” or “Mom, am I going to be sick for the rest of my life?”  I love that girl so much.  

Anyway I was in the kitchen feeding the boys and Savy started yelling “Mom! Mom! I need to throw up!”  Instead of going in the ginormous bowl I had next to her, she stood up and made her way to me!  So I busted a move from the other room and tried to corral her into the bathroom.  She was two feet from the toilet when she threw up, slipped in it and just dropped to the ground.  I FELT SO BAD!  It was literally like she’d slipped on a banana peel, I keep replaying it in slow motion in my head.  She was just lying there in her throw up and crying, it was seriously the saddest thing you’ve ever seen.  I think I cleaned up vomit at least four times yesterday, heaven forbid they actually make it into the bowl am I right?!

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Pretty green skirt

It's in the details! Abby's rose necklaces look great.Black Necklace (I literally live in this one!) | Two others are Made By Mary

Abby's backpack is classy and practical

Abby wears her hair in a quick easy top knot

Having let her hair down, and donning a jacket, Abby is ready for the night

 ‘Slow Jams’ Graphic Tee  | ‘Good Vibes’ Graphic Tee  | Knit Tube Skirt  | Pointy Toe Ghillie Flat |  ‘Pact’ Pump  (these just came in the mail and they’re surprisingly comfortable considering how tall they are!) | Eliza J Ruched Sleeve Blazer T-Strap Flat | Sam Edelman ‘Felicia’ Flat Stretch Knit Midi Skirt‘Squad’ Graphic Tee  | ‘Happy Camper’ Tee

In happier news, it’s Spring and the weather has been nothing short of amazing.  Bike rides, walks, trips to the park — it really is everything I imagined haha!!  We’ve been cooped up for SO long.  I literally feel like I haven’t really left our house since the summer before I got pregnant with the twins so I’m really excited to finally venture out and feel the sun!  One of my favorite things to wear when it starts getting warmer is graphic tees and skirts.  They’re comfortable, casual and cool, and they’re easy to dress up!  I’ve linked up to a few of my favorite graphic tees right now in case you’re interested!  I hope you guys have a great weekend full of healthy babies and happy sunshine.  Expect a fabulous tutorial next week, I promise it’ll be worth the wait!

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4 thoughts on “Dressed Up / Dressed Down

  1. i am so excited i finally get to talk to you i am fourteen years old and i am slightly addicted to beauty.for valentines day my mom let me pick out my gift on amazon and ,of course i went to the hair books i found your braiding handbook and i love it so much my hair was hopeless without your book thank you!

  2. Oh no poor Savy! My little girl (she’s 2) had the flu last week and it was the worst! I HATE watching her throw up and she is still so little that she doesn’t understand why she has to throw up in a bowl and why mommy can’t snuggle her while she is throwing up. It breaks my heart! 🙁 I hope they all get feeling better soon! As for this outfit, you look gorgeous!! I love your tee! 🙂

    Simply Rachel Nicole