How To: Fishtail Updo





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I also use the Magic and Classic Wands (both are great) in a size 25mm barrel from Nume

Are you guys not in love?  I’ve been so excited to share this fishtail updo with you guys, I think it turned out really pretty!!  What do you think?  I’ve been getting a lot of email requests for more formal hairstyles because homecoming is right around the corner, I hope this inspires some of you!  The video is below – if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube Channel I would love for you to take a second and subscribe.  Your support means the world!

and here’s a pinnable image — because adding your favorite styles to your beauty board is a must!  You can find me on Pinterest here



Abby Smith

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9 thoughts on “How To: Fishtail Updo

  1. In your tutorials, you’re always talking about how you hardly ever wash your hair. Do you just shower without shampooing, or do you cover the hair? I didn’t see another video with more details about not washing hair.

  2. Please tell me more about how you incorporate your extensions. I just bought some extensions but I have a hard time hiding the clips and making it look natural. Which weft (how many clips) do you use and where do you put them in?

  3. Hey Abby!

    I’m curious with your extensions – is your hair color natural or do you color it? I know typically people get extensions matched to their hair color so I’m curious to know if you have to upkeep the color regularly or if it’s all natural.

    Love your styles!