Hunger Games Bow Braid (adult)

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Ever since Prim wore this hairstyle on Catching Fire the whole worlds been pretty much obsessed.  Fun fact. Linda Flowers, the head hairstylist for The Hunger Games, called Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles and asked her for permission to use her bow braid hairstyle on a character in the movie.  It’s true.  Mindy figured out and taught this braid way before it was made famous by Prim.  Cool huh?  Another reason why we love the fabulous Mindy.

For a long time I felt like the bow braid wasn’t a style that women could really pull off.  It was just too little girl!  A few weeks ago though I circled back around and started playing with this famous braid.  I had to achieve a couple of things in order to really love it on myself…  1) I didn’t want people to notice the braid before they noticed me.  I wanted the braid to be an accessory, something that didn’t take center stage.  I guess I just wanted this hairstyle to make me feel beautiful rather than cute…  2)  I needed there to be volume.  Little girls look so cute with wet hair that’s tugged super tight on their heads.  Women not so much.  There’s definitely a difference  between a hairstyle that’s beautiful, and a hairstyle that’s just cute.

So I played around with the braid and finally landed on this!  I haven’t seen the bow braid styled like this ever so I’m pretty proud of the Abby flare right now!    What do you guys think?  Would you wear this braid?

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Part the hair at the arch of your eyebrow on the opposite side you normally have your part and flip it over and clip it off.
  2. French braid the smaller side back to about an inch behind your ear and then finish off with a three strand braid.  Clip the braid back or secure with bobby pins
  3. Create a 1 inch wide section that runs parallel to the original part line.  Keep the rest of the hair sectioned off
  4. Using this hair, take a small section from the front, maybe less than an inch, and fold it in half.  You’re basically creating a little loop that we’ll be using in just a second
  5. With the hand that isn’t holding the looped hair, push a hair pin through the top stitch of the first braid.  Thread the looped hair through the hair pin (away from the face).  Push the hair half way through
  6. And then pull and tug down on the hair pin with the other hand and as it comes down into the braid you’ll see a bow start to form
  7. Continue this until you have four or five bows
  8. Then give yourself a deep side part, where you’d normally part your hair and fold the hair over and behind the bows.
  9. Tie off the actual braid by removing the clip and securing with bobby pins.  I pushed one pin through to the inside of the braid
  10. Curl your ends and spray with hairspray

Tips: Use some pomade (which I never have) or spit haha to tame those fly-a-ways before threading the hair through the hair pin.  These step-by-steps might sound super confusing… which is why I’ve created a video!  So I hope you guys watch it and subscribe to my new YouTube Channel!

Abby Smith

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  2. Love this style! Didn’t have a hairpin but I improvised with a paper clip and it totally worked. Got lots of compliments- thanks for a wonderful site!

  3. Wow you’re very pretty, i love your website. You have a great taste in hair and style i love it. Great work


  4. Love this page,Im using one of these.braids in my wedding,having a celtic wedding,.lots of love knots. So this is perfect…thank you

  5. I really want to learn how to french braid. I have looked at your site but need help finding the link and/or if you haven’t posted it yet to get one. I would really love how your explanation are very simple and I look forward to learning more with your site. Do you have a post for beginners with different ways to give your body volume and shape though hairspray, teasing or curling? I also would love to know if you have a list of products you prefer that I can get for my hair type. I am not savvy with my hair at all :-(. It is fine and thin but has some body to it but not much. I am also looking for your Instagram link.

    So Sorry for the over load.