Invisible Oil

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If I could only buy one product in the whole wide world, it’d be this stuff.  The Bumble and Bumble, Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil.  I use to swear by the Hanna Shine from Misikko.  And I still love it.  If you still have a huge bottle of it by all means continue using it as these products are very similar.  But you guys.  SERIOUSLY.  My hairdresser talked me into buying a bottle… I was super reluctant because well you know, I love my Hanna Shine.  Plus it’s almost forty bucks so I was like…. no way!  But somehow she managed to talk me into it.  That persuasive girl!  Anyway.  I started using it and literally the first time this wonderful bottle of gold made contact with my hair I could feel a huge difference in the texture of my hair.

It was soft.  But not too soft.  It made my fried ends feel smooth and healthy.  I put a couple pumps on while my hair is wet and then before I straighten it I use a couple more pumps and apply it to my dry hair.  So it’s a heat protectant, frizz eliminator, and it infuses softness all over.  I’m seriously in love.

And don’t worry, I’m not saying any of this because Bumble and Bumble are paying me.  I even emailed them and they still have no idea I exist.  So yeah, there’s that.

If you’re looking for a product to save your hair.  I’d recommend this one.  And don’t worry, one bottle will last well over a full year so the price is well worth it!

Abby Smith

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