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I’ve been planning today’s post for awhile now and I’m super excited to finally be sharing it.  How many of you struggle with the basic braids?  From the comments I get on YouTube it’s quite a few of you.  And what good are any of the hairstyles I post if you don’t understand the braids?!  This is my fault.  Today’s video is going to explain the four basic braids that will help you achieve ANY hairstyle.  We’re going to move slow and I want you to pull your hair down and just follow along!!  The video is at the end of this post, but feel free to read more about the four braids we’ll be going over today.


These are your two basic french braids.  Before learning any styles, I’d make sure you have these two braids completely memorized.  Practice while watching TV– that’s what I did when I first started this blog less than three years ago.  When your fingers just move on your own, that’s when you know you’re ready to move onto some harder styles!

Regular french braids are done by braiding the outer sections OVER the middle section.  Here are a few of my favorite variations:

regular french braids final

Dutch french braids are done by braiding the outer strands UNDER the middle section.  This is one of my favorite braids right now.  I love how the braid sits on top of the head and it’s so gorgeous when spread out.  Here are a few of my favorites:

dutch french braids final


The waterfall braid is so gorgeous!  It so elegant and soft and can be dressed up or down.  While I haven’t done too many variations with this braid, I feel like this one can stand on it’s own.  Make sure to checkout the video to see the tutorial!



A lace braid is when you only add new sections of hair into one of the sides.  It’s a really simple braid but it allows you to do a ton of fun things to your hair.  It’s more flexible and giving than a regular french braid, so it’s an important braid to learn.

lace braids

Here’s the tutorial– I really hope this clears up any questions you have!!  My goal is to help you feel more confident with your hair.  These aren’t just a bunch of pretty pictures I like to look at haha!!  They’re here to help you learn something new and to get creative with your own hair.  If you love my YouTube Channel, make sure to subscribe!

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22 thoughts on “DIY | 4 basic braids

  1. Great tutorial! Very helpful! I’m wondering what is the music in the background of your French braid tutorial? I love it!

  2. I keep searching for a certain hair tutorial but can’t find it ANYWHERE but this post♡ Helpppppppp, I wanna recreate the waterfall bun where the strands fall to front of the face ♡ if you do happen to come across it, please let me know!!

  3. Oh, my gosh!!! I have been practicing braiding my own hair for a while now and looked at so many YouTube videos, and I just couldn’t get the hang of it, and I had to bobby pin all over the place. But I just ran across this video on YouTube, and I practiced the regular French braid along with you, and for the first time, I don’t need extra bobby pins! I’m so so so excited! My husband likes me to keep my hair long, but I feel like I never know what to do with it and have been wanting to learn how to braid for a long time. Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling, but I’m just so excited to have found your blog and this tutorial in particular. THANK YOU!!

  4. This video was so helpful and I get the idea of all the braids but my arms get tired and I just give up. I really want to do the braids but I get tired. Any suggestions? Thanks

  5. Your awesome god has blessed with gold you will never run dry if u get it your hair is gold and you will never run dry of thoughts on it in fact u will make more ideas be blessed

  6. This video was so informative! I can do the French braid but the only way I know how to do the Dutch braid is when I’m doing it upside down in the back, into a bun. Have never tried the waterfall braid but I have wanted to! I feel confident that this video will help me! Thanks so much.

  7. I’ve been able to do every braided ‘do I have tried so far (which is just a handful, still have A LOT more to try lol) except I just tried the french braid on the back up into a messy bun, and…ugh. I didn’t think I needed a tutorial ’cause it’s just a french braid, but man! Is there an easier way to do it besides hanging your head upside down until you get the hang of it? lol

    Sidenote: I LOVE your site, totally addicted lol

    1. Aw, thanks Christina! On my old channel, I have a tutorial that goes super slowly over that type of hairstyle. It’s really hard to get the hang of it. I seriously practiced for days and then one day it just clicked. Keep practicing and try watching that video, you can find the style on my style gallery page!

  8. I’ve been following your bling for a while and absolutely love your hair tutorials. Thank you SO much for this video! I’ve been kicking myself for not knowing how to do these braids and even after watching so many other youtube videos I never really understood the process! Now I can finally braid my daughter’s hair! Yay!

  9. Thanks so much! I love your huge variety of braided styles! There’s one that pops up at the end of the YouTube video, it looks like two lace braids folded over each other to make an updo. Is there a tutorial for that by any chance? I can’t find it…