Twisted Reign Hairstyle


I am so excited for today’s hairstyle!  1 – it’s the first shorter hairstyle I’ve done here on the blog and 2 – it’s this gorgeous bohemian style inspired by Olivia from the new CW show Reign.  You guys know I’m a sucker for the feminine half up styles so when I came upon this pretty little gem it was a no brainer.  I really hope you guys love it as much as I do!  This is a great style to wear with second day hair and leftover curls!

Reign HairstyleReign Hairstyle  Reign Hairstyle Reign Hairstyle Reign Hairstyle

reign hairstyles


Lipstick: Shocking Coral by Maybelline


1| Split the hair down the middle
2| Divide a triangle shaped section into two sections
3| Twist the bottom section over the top section
4| Add a new section of hair to the bottom section
5| Twist Up
6| Repeat until you reach the back, at which point you’re going to just continue twisting until the ends of the hair
7| Secure with a duck bill clip and repeat on the other side
8| Combine the sections and tie off with a clear elastic



Abby Smith

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13 thoughts on “Twisted Reign Hairstyle

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  2. This would look pretty with a side part and the twists a little lower to create a crown effect. I love this style and will have to try it on myself and my guinea pig aka my cousin.