How To: Simple Braided Updo with Kenra Professional

braided updobraided updobraided updo

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braided updobraided updo

Updo’s are a little bit intimidating for me.  I feel like there are fabulous techniques you learn while going to hair school, which I did not, and there are certain ways to prep the hair so that it lays just so.  Things I could do but usually skip over because I’m either too lazy, or don’t have time to curl every inch of my head.  And then sometimes there aren’t any rules and the hair just goes up randomly.  I love those types of updo’s but they’re really hard to teach and sometimes really hard to do on yourself.  With braids there are rules!  But updo’s are like messy buns… you can kind of explain how you do it but it’s never going to look the same more than once and it’ll look different on all lengths and hair types.

So in my quest to be a great teacher, I’ve tried to balance out giving you enough rules and steps that will make it easy to follow, but also give you enough of a leash to be a bit creative.  I think this updo is perfect for those who are a little intimidated doing updo’s on themselves, because there are rules and steps to this hairstyle.  Also you don’t need to spend three hours curling your hair so that’s always a bonus in my book!  If you’re doing it on yourself my biggest word of advice would be to figure out a way to see your hair from the front and back without having to lift a mirror up.  I’ve taken a full length body mirror and have stood it on a stool at an angle in my bathroom.  That way I can see how I’m manipulating the hair and how I want it to look!!

WHOA.  That was a lot of info!  I’ll get on with it already!

Here are the products I’m using in this hairstyle:

Kenra Professional Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  First off, this stuff smells divine and it works extremely well if you have fine, lifeless or color treated hair.  The shampoo lathers really well even though it’s sulfate free and the conditioner detangles without weighing down the hair.  I’m also really picky with my shampoos and conditioners because I tend to break out with different products.  I’ve never had issues with the Kenra brand and so that’s a very big plus in my book.  You don’t need much of either product so this duo will last you awhile!

Kenra Professional Volume Mousse 12:  You use this product on damp hair, just shake it and let it foam up in your palm.  Distribute it throughout your roots and it’s going to  give you some really nice volume without making your hair feel like it’s full of product.  It’s perfect for blow dry styling giving some nice body and texture to the hair.

Kenra Professional Root Lifting Spray 13: This is one of my favorite Kenra products.  It’s not a mousse, it’s a spray and it’s super lightweight.  You spray it into your damp hair near the root area for lift and style support.  It adds great body and volume without any stiffness and it’s a lot easier to use than mousse because you can spray it directly onto your roots.  You can use this and the mousse together or just choose your favorite!

Kenra Professional Volume Spray 25: This is the best hairspray in the history of EVER.  I’ve literally been using this since highschool.  At first I thought it was ridiculous to spend $17 on a hairspray but you guys.  It’s totally worth it.  It A) lasts forever.  It’s not watered down like the drug store stuff which leads me to B) you don’t need a lot of it for it to get the job done.  C) it not only holds updo’s in place, but it’s flexible enough to use on keeping curls bouncy.  I could go on forever – just trust me and buy some already mmk?!

And of course, the video.  What would a tutorial be without one?!  Make sure you’ve subscribed to my channel!!

And if you’re a lover of Pinterest – this bad boy is for you!


If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this post – I love you.  I feel like I should share some incredible secret with you because you’ve stuck with me for so long!  Well, all I’ve got is Brian had to get pizza tonight because I dropped the ball and haven’t made dinner once this week…  What that’s a lame secret?  Crap.  I’ll think of something awesome for next week haha!  MUAH! xoxoxo

** This tutorial was sponsored by Kenra Professional but like ALWAYS, all opinions are my own and I would NEVER suggest any products that I didn’t truly love!

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7 thoughts on “How To: Simple Braided Updo with Kenra Professional

  1. LOVE THIS!!!!!! I tried it for the first time this morning and wore it to church. SO pretty and the best part of all it’s SO simple!!! I got several compliments. Thanks!