High bun

March 16, 2012

The Topsytail High Bun.  Who would have thought?  Check out the video and you’ll be even more amazed!  I seriously love the topsy tail.  I do them manually but you can purchase an actual tool that supposedly makes it easier.  So go on and watch the video and add these styles to your repertoire!
**Updated Video- All of the Topsy Tail Revisited styles are now in one video**

  • Mal

    oooh, I love the high bun! I think this is my fave topsytail look yet

    Mal @ The Chic Geek

  • OKay, that is just too cute. And easy…wow! You impress me. Majorly. Have a great weekend…

  • Those are sooo cool!! Thanks so much for posting and getting me out of my hair rut!

  • All of these looks are so adorable and exactly what I needed to help my hair, which is desperate need of a haircut. New to your blog, and I love it!

  • This is so cute! You are a genius.

  • I love that you had another week of hair do’s. Just thought you might like to know that I did the topsy-tail fish-tail hair do today. I love it too! Now I just need to find an excuse to leave the house so that someone else can see my fun new do.

  • Wow, I found you on pinterest and I am really diggin’ your hair tutorials. You keep it simple, quick and easy to follow! Keep them coming! Thanks!

  • You rock! Thank you!

  • wore my hair like this today! love how you took something already easy and cute and just jazzed them up. and i actually HAVE the old topsy-tail tool, so i busted it out cause i’m just not that dextrous lol

    keep em coming c:

  • This is amazing. Thanks so much for doing these tutorials. I can’t wait to try them!

  • These are such cute ideas! I have to wear my hair pulled back for working in a dental office ( who wants hair in their mouth..ew!) So these are all great ideas! 🙂


  • these always seem more difficult with thick hair, but so cute.

  • these always seem more difficult with thick hair, but so cute.

  • love the hair styles.. my hair just needs to be a little bit longer then i can rock them!

  • just pinned this, or should I say repinned this, love your hair tutes!

  • Thanks for sharing. So cute… can’t wait to try all of them!

  • where do you find a good topsy tail?

    gina (dot) arkell at gmail (dot) com

  • LOVE the hair styles!!

  • Thanks for your simple styles! I’m heading to Carnegie Hall tonight and used your bottom, middle hairstyle because it was so simple and classy. Love your hair and your tutorials. Thanks for sharing!

  • These are awesome! So cute and gorgeous! They’ll be great for a night out or a last minute “do” before class. Thanks for the post!

  • I love your videos so much! I am completely awful at hair because I never had anyone to show me before!! I tried the topsy tail low bun and was jumping up and down in front of my mirror I was so excited I could do it! Thank you so much!!

  • Wow, you make it look so simple! So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  • Laura Scanlan

    I love LOVE the last one

  • LeAnna

    Love this high bun! As a nurse regular buns and ponytails aren’t cute after a while! But I love this! Will have to try! Thanks! 🙂

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  • Tina

    I love all of your styles – I have long very thin/fine hair. I hope that I can make these work for me xx

    • If you have thin or fine hair it’s better short my sister has it and it look really good short