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I filmed this weaved ponytail hairstyle back in April before I’d chopped my length and it’s the last video I have with my long hair.  It’s also the last video I have where I had to film using my crappy broken lens so… yay for that!!!  I thought I’d posted this video ages ago and just found it unpublished in my drafts.  I honestly can’t remember anything these days so you’ll have to bear with me, but due to the voiceover I’m guessing it was supposed to go up in August as a back to school hairstyle… whops!  I’m behind on the tutorial that’s supposed to go up tonight so this one will do!  I have to apologize for the crazy colors in the video, my lens was a mess.

Onto the hairstyle — uhh… first off, I LOVE IT!  I’ve seen tutorials similar to this that use bobby pins to secure the hair and for a busy mom who doesn’t have time to re-adjust or fix bobby pins that slide this method does the trick.  You’ll need a few clear elastics and three minutes max to pull this beautiful weaved ponytail together.  I hope you enjoy the tutorial and make sure you’ve subscribed to my YouTube channel because starting next week I’ll be sharing Halloween Makeup/Hair tutorials!



wovenStep by step instructions:

1) Gather hair into a low ponytail leaving out two front sections of hair
2) Gather a small section on the right side of the head, from the very front, and twist away from the face
3) Wrap the twist over and around the center ponytail.  Lift up the elastic underneath the ponytail and combine the twist with the ponytail.  Repeat on the other side.
4) Gather another small section of hair from the front on the right side, directly underneath the first twist, and twist away from the face
5) Secure the twist by adding a new elastic to the ponytail
6) Gather another small section from the front on the left side, directly underneath the first twist, and twist away from the face.  Wrap over the ponytail base and secure by adding to the already existing ponytail holder
7) On the right side, gather the last section of hair, twist away from face and drape over the ponytail and secure by adding to the existing elastic.  Finally, what’s pictured, gather the last section on the left side and twist away from the face.  Drape over the center ponytail
8) Secure the twist by adding a final elastic around the ponytail and cinch up by splitting the tail in half and pulling.

And for those that need some more direction, checkout the video tutorial!  Are you subscribed?!

Abby Smith

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13 thoughts on “Woven Ponytail

  1. Hey Abby! I have very very thick coarse hair that is wavy curly and very long. I cannot use the elastics because they do not hold my hair and snap when I try to use them. Bobby pins also do not like to remain in my hair for long or do not hold it. They stay for a while then spring out of my head! Do you have any suggestions for me? My sister did my hair for my wedding and it took over 100 bobby pins to keep my hair up. 🙁 Love my hair, but want to be able to style it differently!


    Shayna 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this! Have to try this sometime, all of my fiends always gush over my long hair!

    1. K SERIOUSLY!!! How did I not see that?! I’m so glad you said something. I just went and changed everything. I can’t even believe that went past me!

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