June 24, 2016

Abby, wearing a denim jacket over a red dress, smiles and holds her loose, braided hair.

I am so excited to be a part of the Dove #LoveYourHair campaign.  I’ve always loved the way Dove embraces originality, first with their Campaign for Real Beauty to show that all body types are beautiful and now with their Love your Hair campaign.  Big, blue, curly, straight, short, buzzed — however you want to because it’s time do hair your way!  

Wearing a cap and a sweatshirt, Abby closes her eyes and pouts at the camera. Her hair is in two fishtail braids.

Holding a handbag and wearing a striped blue and white shirt and a wicker hat, Abby smiles at the camera as her hair cascades loosely down her shoulders.

Dove Hair has made a super cute film that shows how extraordinarily beautiful being unique truly is and you can join us in celebrating every texture, color, and length by following along on Pinterest here.  How do you embrace your originality? 

This post was made in collaboration with Dove Hair but all opinions are my own.