Four Summer Braids

June 1, 2017

First off, I am IN LOVE with these four summer braids.  Straight up in love with them πŸ’“.  They are what I like to call buildable hairstyles.  If you haven’t heard that term before it’s probably because I made it up haha!  At least I haven’t heard anyone else use it and it came straight from my braid so I’m just gonna take all the credit mmk?!  A buildable hairstyle though, is basically where the first hairstyle builds you to the second hairstyle, the second builds you to the third and so and so forth.  So basically one hairstyle but several others you can do along the way.  I love them so much!!!  Before we go on I have to mention, I’m totally bummed about these pictures.  Soommmething was going on with my camera and literally 99% of the images I took turned out blurry.  I knew it too but as a solo act there’s only so much you can do and so much time you can spend and the show just had to go on!  What I wouldn’t give to have an extra pair of hands!  So I apologize I have very few photos!  Anyway, the tutorial is great and I hope you’re inspired to throw some braids into your routine this weekend!

So let me introduce you to my favorite four summer braids!

The first is a really pretty dutch crown braid, nothing new or special but I really love this version because I kept the tails in and I think they drape really pretty.  For this crown braid you need to make sure you are using quality bobby pins.  I get mine from Sally’s here.  I used to get the blonde ones but over time wandered into the bronze color which I think show less in my hair.  They’re just really tight so they’re going to hold a lot of hair and keep the style in place!

For the second hairstyle, I built onto the dutch crown braid and added two topsy tails underneath.  I feel like this gives the hairstyle a little bit more texture and dimension.  So if you’re looking for something a little more fancy this would be the one!

And onto the third, I threw the ends up into a messy bun.  I REALLY wish I had gotten some more photos because this picture does not do this style justice.  At all.  I’m a huge fan of messy buns for a couple reasons.  1, they are so versatile.  You can wear them super dressy or very casual depending on how you style them.  2, Messy buns keep the hair out of your face so they’re perfect on hot days or when you’re busy running errands.  3, you don’t have to have curled hair!  I will only wear ponytails when my curls still look nice but if my hair is a mess when I wake up I always go for a long braid or a messy bun to hide the chaos.  I know you know what I’m talking about!  I think that’s enough reasons!  Moving on…

Hairstyle #4!  Can I just tell you how much I love this braid?  It’s a dutch braided topsy tailed pull through braid… can you see why I titled this post four summer braids?!  Haha!!  This is the definition, quite literally, of a mixed braid.  This braided hairstyle look SO intricate and hard and time consuming but it’s totally not!  This hairstyle takes me less then 6 minutes to do.  Seriously though, I’ve timed it πŸ™ˆ .  I don’t need to have fresh curls or clean hair and I get so many compliments!  So if you’re in a funk, you need to use up some creativity, you need a boost of confidence, this is the hairstyle to try.  You can’t mess it up.

And finally, the video tutorial to show you how it’s done.  Do you love these four summer braids as much as I do?  Which one is your favorite?  If your hair isn’t as long, the only one that should look too much different is the pull-through.  It just won’t be as huge BUT it’ll still be amazing so pretty pretty please try one of the four.  And when you do you better tag me on instagram so I can see it!  Love you guys!

Shirt: c/o Called to Surf | Lips: Caramel Apple… I think haha | Pink Hair Bow: Ulta

  • M Schell

    Thanks Abby!! I am obsessed with braiding. I will definitely try this….like today!!!! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  • Loved 1 and 4, too! My hair is so thick, but fine/straight, it’s hard to get some of these down without layers coming out all over the place. Any posts specific to this you could send my way? Thanks so much for the video ❀️

  • MK

    #2 & #4 are my favs!

  • Katie Jo

    # 1 and # 4!!!

  • Kaitlin Foster

    I’m sorry if i missed it but where did you get your shirt? i love it so much

  • naila khan

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