The Alternative Braid

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What’s fabulous about this hairstyle is that you don’t need to be able to braid to complete this look!  Ta-da!  It’s hands down THE easiest hairstyle to date.  AND IT’S GORGEOUS!!  Oh I was so excited when I learned how to do it!!  It might look a little confusing at first but just try it.  Also it’s great if you have layers.

Abby Smith

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68 thoughts on “The Alternative Braid

  1. How do you do it so that you don't get a hole at the top? My hair looks like I had pigtails that I brought together?

  2. this is extremely hard for people like me who have a lot of thick hair. I just did two braid like cute pigtails.

  3. This is SO cool! I've always loved the look of french braids, but have never gotten the hang of it…I'm all thumbs! This I think I could do! 😀

  4. Seriously it’s awesome huh?!! When I learned how to do it I was almost freaking out. I was so excited!!! And if it gets all messy with kids tugging and pulling at it- who cares! It’s supposed to be messy and to re do it it takes like five seconds!!! LOVE it!

  5. I have tried this the last two days and L-O-V-E it… so easy and holds layers mostly in place(I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I did use 4-ONLY 4!- bobby pins. But I did make the braid messy and that is a step in the right direction for me!! lol

    Thanks for this post, I will be doing this more and more!