Boxer Braids For Short Hair Tutorial

Boxer Braids For Short Hair

I love my shorter hair, but I’ve had to re-learn how to do a few looks I used to do when my hair was longer. One look I’m loving right now is these boxer braids for short hair. This look is so cute on little girls (my daughter loves these braids in her hair). But they also can look great on adults as well, with a few tweaks. One tip to note if you want a more mature braid look, be sure to fluff your braid strands. I find that the looser, fatter braids look more grown up than a tight braid. But, that’s just my preference! 

Braid Tutorial: Boxer Braids for Short Hair. See how easy it is to get this look!

Products used for these boxer braids for short hair:

    • Dry Shampoo (Living Proof is my current favorite) Tip: spray the dry shampoo, wait 30 seconds and then shake it/tousle through your hair to distribute it evenly.
    • Puff Me by Design Me (volumizing powder spray) Tip: I use this a ton with shorter hair to add grit to help my braids stay in place. 
    • Kenra flexible fibre pomade


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Let’s get started:

      • Split hair down the middle or off to one side a little
      • Grab a little pomade and rub it between your fingers. You’ll need some pomade to get your braids started right, and to help them hold in place. 
      • Take a section from your front hairline next to your part. Split into 3 strands to begin your braid. 

We are doing a dutch braid today. In a dutch braid, the outer strands go under the middle section. This is the opposite of a french braid where you place the outer strands over the middle section. If you are a beginner to dutch braiding, I have slowed down tutorials of this technique on YouTube. Find it HERE

      • Keep your pomade close by as you braid. It will help you keep the small baby hairs in place as you braid. 
      • Add new small sections of hair as you braid, being sure to keep your finger placement in the right places so you don’t get mixed up.

Keep in mind as you braid:

We want this braid close to your hairline so you can see it easily. So braid downwards more than back from your face at first, following your hairline.

      • Continue braiding the hair down, adding sections as you braid and braiding tightly against your hairline.
      • Braid all your hair from the front to the back. Finishing with the hair at the nape of your neck.
      • I like to finish my hair in a bun.
      • Before I do that, I’m going to stretch the stitches of the braid.
      • I like to start at the bottom and then work my way up towards the crown of my head. 
      • Take a clear elastic at the base of your neck and loop the elastic around your braid end.
      • This will create a messy bun/loop at the end of the braid. 

Repeat process on the other half of your head with your remaining hair. 

To finish your boxer braids for short hair:

      • Make sure your buns are equal. 
      • Take a few bobby pins and use them to hold your hair near the braid stitches to keep your side pieces in place as you fluff your braids. 
      • Using more Puff Me, spray it into your braids and start to fluff out the front of your braids. 
      • As you fluff, be careful to take the outer strands only when loosening your braid stitches.The bobby pins you placed on the sides of the braids earlier will prevent the braid from loosening too much and falling out.
      • Pull out fringe around your hairline to soften this look. 

To add more fun and interest to your braids, you can add a hair scarf! Find my favorites from my shop– Shop Flourish HERE

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