Day 4- the four strand braid


The four strand braid.  Who knew?!  Such a fun twist on the classic braid, I hope you guys enjoy the video.  And just so you know, practice makes perfect.  Just keep practicing until you get it!

In order to view this video you must have the password which can be found right before the table of contents in the Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook.  The video tutorials that accompany this series of styles are a bonus for those who purchase my hairstyle book.  To find loads of free videos make sure to checkout my YouTube channel!

Abby Smith

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25 thoughts on “Day 4- the four strand braid

  1. Oh my goodness! Your hairstyles are so adorable! I would LOVE to see the video tutorials! But it says the videos are private…What do I have to do to watch them! I would so appreciate it!! Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Hi Abby, I recently came across this website and it seems really great. I tried your 3 messy buns(a friend sent me the link to that video) and it was beautiful! But for some reason I cannot open the video for this post. It says the video is private. I just became a follower thinking maybe that would solve the problem but it didn’t. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  3. ABBY! Your skin is so clear, smooth and beautiful! What do you do to keep it that way. What do you recommend i rub or put on my skin. Also, What do you recommend i use on my skin to get rid of marks and scratching.

  4. I love your blog! I came across it from House of Hepworths. I am now following you and I would love it if you took a look at my blog too, and maybe even followed me 🙂

    I’ve just started, and haven’t had a chance to do a lot yet, but hopefully you like it 🙂

  5. I’m going to feature your hair series this week at my link party, but can you add my site to your link parties list as well? I don’t generally feature people that don’t have my blog listed on theirs.


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  6. I love all of these hair styles! I also have short hair, and really have no good styles, but after looking at all your beautiful styles, I now want to grow my hair out! I might have to buy some of your hair products and see if it helps my poor hair when it is long!!! Thank you for these wonderul posts and the great idea to do it!!

  7. hhaaha you guys are the best. I’m glad you tried it Cassie- it’s super fast and easy and cute and the best hair do ever!! And Tammy I’ll get some more videos up for ya!

  8. Tried it. Cute and super simple – even for me. Good idea on the 30 do’s in 30 days, Abby. I’m so hair retarded I’ll take all the help I can get!

  9. I did my hair like this today Abby. You inspired me. And I love it. Usually when I side braid my hair it comes out easily and I end up redoing the braid a thousand times a day. But the topsy tail keeps it more secure. I love it.

  10. You guys are so FREAKIN’ nice!! Do you know how awesome it is to get so many nice compliments? Well it’s amazing. Thank you so much! And Danielle, I would LOVE to do a guest post!! Just let me know when and how!!

  11. I just found your blog and am loving your 30 days of hair. At the end of this month I am planning on doing a hair week and I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a guest post? I am definitely planning on featuring you for your 30 days of hair, but would love a tutorial. Either of a hair style or a hair accessory. Let me know what you think my e-mail is [email protected]