Dutch Waterfall Braid

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The waterfall braid is one of my most favorite braids.  It’s elegant, fast to do and fun to mix with other styles.  I’ve been playing around with the different looks a dutch and french braid can give you and I’ve just now realized that the dutch waterfall is braided differently than you might think.  To get a dutch braid, in normal situations, you braid the outer sections UNDER the middle instead of over like in a regular french braid.  We will be chatting alllllll about this next week so don’t worry if you’re not following along!  The dutch waterfall though you not only braid the outer sections under the middle, but you also drop the middle piece instead of the bottom.  I thought before diving into what I have planned for next week, I’d throw this simple dutch waterfall hairstyle up to get you started!

What I love most about this hairstyle is that it looks like a dutch braid but then you can see those curls going through the braid which I think looks really pretty.  Do you like this hairstyle or do you prefer the regular waterfall braid?

And in case videos aren’t your thing!

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Separate a section of hair below your part into three sections
  2. Dutch braid the hair once– or do one stitch.  Top strand under the middle, transfer sections to top hand and braid the bottom strand under the middle.
  3. Add a new section of hair to the top strand and braid it underneath the middle
  4. Transfer all three sections into your top hand, your pinky should be holding the top strand, middle finger should be holding the middle strand and your pointer finger and thumb should be holding the bottom strand
  5. Drop the middle strand of hair by uncurling your middle finger
  6. Directly behind the strand you just dropped, replace that strand with a new section of hair.  It should be placed back into your middle finger and should remain the middle section
  7. Braid the bottom strand under the middle section (the new section), transfer all three sections to your bottom hand and continue these steps
  8. When you reach the end take a bobby pin and either secure the braid or end with a three strand and tie off with a clear elastic

My family and I are in Disney Land this week!  If you want to follow me behind the scenes come check me out on instagram @twistmepretty!

Abby Smith

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  1. I bet you were a bit worried when you got 9 INCHES chopped of! I am always worried when I have my hair cut because I don’t know what it will look like on me