Fishtail Bun

I saw the cutest fishtail up-do the other day browsing the web.  Thought I’d share.  These images are not my own.  They come from teenvogue.

Pretty huh?!  I’m going to have to try this soon.  It looks a little confusing to me but the instructions seem simple enough.  And you never know how hard something is until you try it.  Life has taught me that it’s usually not as hard as it looks.  Or it is and then it sucks! ha ha
Hope you all had a wonderful New Years!


Abby Smith

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23 thoughts on “Fishtail Bun

  1. I finally got the waterfall braid!!! Swear I tried over and over for over a month! {my husband says I am a left hander in a right handers body therefor I braid and fold the sheets backwards!} but I got it!!! Thanks for your tutorials and book!