Florals and Faux Fur


FLORAL SHIRT: Nordstrom (40% off right now!) | FUR VEST: c/o Brickyard Buffalo, sold out.  Similar here (the most similar to the one I’m wearing, a little shorter to give a flattering, fitted look) here (this one is less fitted but I love the longer length) and here (a little higher end, more of a classic piece and this one will actually keep you warm)  | BLACK FELT FEDORA: Similar at Nordstrom | SKINNY JEANS: JCrew Factory on sale + an extra 30% off with code “extra 30”.  They come to $40! | BLACK BAG: Target | BLACK NECKLACE: c/o Kendra Scott | BORDEAUX PUMPS: c/o Call It Spring | GOLD BRACELET: c/o Stella and Dot | LIPSTICK: Russian Red- MacBRAID TUTORIAL: Alternative Braid


Here in northeast Ohio the weather has been BITTER.  b/i/t/t/e/r.  I was prepared for cold weather moving out here… I mean, the Utah winters aren’t warm by any means.  With the humidity and being so close to the Lake though, this is a cold I’ve never felt.  I leave the house wearing a sweater, a winter coat, gloves, a hat, a scarf, wool socks and boots and I’m still so cold I can’t stop shivering.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!  How am I going to survive when the weather actually gets cold?!  I’m calling for advice.  Do you have any tricks on beating the bitter cold winters?

Let’s just focus on today for a second.  It was 60 degrees and we spent most of the day outside at the park.  I think it was most likely one of our last park days.  Boston happily played with his friends fighting bad guys with light sabers and Savy spent what seemed like hours building sand castles.  Some days being a mom is really hard.  Today though was one of the good ones.  One of the great ones.  Where your kids adore you, want to be with you, where they eat their food and get along.  Today goes in the books as a win.  So bring it on cold weather, I’ve got the hot chocolate stocked and our heating pads ready!  Today was a win!

Abby Smith

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One thought on “Florals and Faux Fur

  1. Hi Abby!! I know this doesn’t help… but I have been in Ohio for all 30 of my years of life and it still it terrible when this season hits! 🙁 I heard you all got GOBS of snow today too!! 🙁 Just remember…. this too shall pass! 🙂 Spring will come!! 😉