Happy Birthday Boston

Two Years Old.  I cannot believe it



I am completely in love with my little boy.  The way he pulls his sad face when he senses someone is hurting, the way he fake laughs to get attention and the way he asks me to kiss him when he’s been hurt.  The way he says “baketball” and how much he loves his “bike”.  The way he needs me. I can’t even begin to describe the joy that little buddy of mine makes me feel. It’s a love I definitely didn’t plan on. When he puts his boots on the right feet, or how he helps me fold laundry. I am completely overwhelmed with pride. I love that he loves “cream”,  “ishies” and “nacks”.  He is such a stinker. But he has this huge forgiving heart.  He has changed me. He has made me better. I can’t wait to watch him in his first t-ball game, head off to his first day of school and one day, serve a mission.  He’s my little boy. I love that he needs me. That he wants to share things with me and show me things he’s proud of. I hope that never changes.  But for now, I’ll cherish him needing me and try not to think about him one day growing up.

Happy Birthday 
Boston Smith

We love you!

Abby Smith

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4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Boston

  1. Happy birthday b!! And can I add that I hope you start posting more about life with two because my little man, Dallas (also a city name, lol) will be two just 3 weeks before I’m due with baby boy #2! I’m a little nervous for the first months and how we will adjust to things and although my heart is longing for a little girl, I have learned to accept that having two boys with be equally amazing. Besides, we will always have more! Lol anyway, hope all is well with you, you are healing quickly, and have a new schedule down very soon, making it easier to play with Boston like you used to and that he cries for you to put him to bed at night again:)