With everything going crazy in the world, I’m loving this spring weather more than ever! I want my home to feel more like spring, too. That’s why I’m so excited that Lolly Jane is here to show us how to decorate a tablescape for spring!

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How to Decorate a Table Scape for Spring

Today we’ll be sharing a fun spring table scape without leaving the house because you know…quarantine! We love to look around our own space before we head to the store anyway so this is a super easy way for you to decorate for spring without spending any money.


We’re known for playing musical furniture in our entryway and family room and wouldn’t have it any other way. When the itch to decorate starts, we look around before we make a purchase to see if moving things around will satisfy said itch. To decorate our 10′ table this spring, we went to the garage then scoured our porch and came up with 7 different sizes of terracotta pots. They’re always great to have on hand because they match every style plus any type of plant or flower looks good in them.


Have you heard the tip of decorating in groups of three? It totally balances out your shelves or pillows or table scape, in this instance. Start with a focal pot, a big one that will be the center of attention. This pot was sitting in my recent pantry makeover, just waiting to get some true attention. It’s neutral enough that it blended well with the neutral terra cotta pots. Spread the remaining pots on either side of the focal pot, in groups of three. Use the pot holders in some to create height and feel free to get creative and stack them, too.


Fake flowers aren’t just for grannies anymore. There are SO many gorgeous knock offs that look so real! And the best part?—they’re low maintenance to store and won’t shrivel up and die. Our go-to is AFloral or Amazon for the best looking flowers. These tulips were from Kirklands last year, they always have a 20% off sale going on so you can grab it even cheaper. Fill your flowers in the pots and let them hang in all directions for a natural look.

So easy, right? We’d love to see your own table scapes, tag us on Instagram so we can share it in our stories. Check out all of our home decor ideas on our blog to keep you busy decorating all year long!

Thanks for having us, Abby! Happy decorating, friends!

xoxo, K&K

Alright, I’m off to order myself some tulips for my dining table, kitchen island, and bathroom counters! Is that overkill? I don’t care if it is, because I need some major spring beauty in my life right now. Thank you, Lolly Jane, for showing us how easy it can be to update your home and decorate a tablescape! 
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