How to meditate with kids with Sadie Jane

I’m so excited that my friend, Sadie, from Simply Sadie Jane agreed to come and share how to meditate with kids. Sadie is a self love advocate who believes that loving your body starts from within. Sadie is a wife and mother of 3 and an RN who has learned how to cope with stress, body image issues, and the ups and downs of life by utilizing meditation, yoga, and other forms of healing. She is amazing!  I know that when I take the time to slow down and meditate my days and nights are much smoother. Meditation is a skill that I am trying to utilize more in my everyday life. Have you tried meditating with your kids? If not, here are some great tips from Sadie Jane! 

The Ultimate Guide to How to Meditate with Your Kids with Sadie Jane. A part of Abby's Survival Series

How to meditate with kids 

Hello lovelies! I am so excited to share with you a tool I think is so important for moms, kids and families. This one tool has transformed our household. And since we’re spending soooooo much time at home these days it is even more important!

Why Meditate With Kids?

Meditation is simply the act of focusing on one thing. And it’s a practice. Trust me, it’s hard for me so I can only imagine how hard it is for our kiddos. But they can do it! They can do hard things and it is such a beautiful thing. Meditating can help reduce anxiety, lengthen attention span and boost their self-esteem. All good things!

When to Meditate with Kids?

I like to start our day off with meditation. But meditation will look different for each and every family and child. Some families use it as part of their bedtime routine. The time of day isn’t as important as the practice and building of the habit. Kids will start to recognize how they feel after meditating and then they will be able to take those skills to the playground…literally. They will be able to find that focus, find that stillness and relax their mind body connection.

How to Meditate with Kids?

You guys. Meditating is hard! So often I will mentally go through my to-do list and suddenly I am not longer meditating. Keep in mind that meditating will look different for everyone! For some it’s placing your hand on your heart and breathing. For others it’s listening to calming music and clearing your mind.

Today I am sharing a page straight out of my course Simply Kids – Self Love. This printable download is a great way to visualize breathing. If breathing is all you have in your tank today. No problem, I’ve got you!

Click here to download now!

Here are some tips for meditating with kids.

  1. Calming music to focus on.
  2. Let them light a candle or turn on a salt lamp.
  3. Start with a time of day that is already calm. Morning or night time routines.
  4. Be there with them (lead by example) and then let them explore it on their own.
  5. Use guided meditations. I have lost count of the number of moms who have tried meditating with their kids, guiding them. And then they use my guided meditations for kids and teens and all of a sudden it clicks for them. It’s the classic, kids will listen to someone other than mom.
  6. Good better best. Remember something is better than nothing. Maybe they just listen to a guided meditations while coloring (keep those little hands busy – they are still listening). Next time try to have them sit on a pillow AND listen. And once they get the hang of it maybe add music, candles, lighting. And take each day one at a time. You are doing the right thing!
  7. Let them be kids. Stillness will come with practice and in the meantime, let wiggle, giggle, and make it relateable.

Always remember it’s a practice. It will take time. Please please please do not say you’ve failed when they won’t sit still and won’t listen after one try. They will. Keep going and when they are ready they will join you. Hug those babies and enjoy this connection!

Light and love,

Sadie Jane


Thank you, Sadie Jane!

Thank you so much for sharing all of this, Sadie! I always learn so much from you. I’ll for sure be incorporating more meditation into my family’s daily life. I’m excited to see the changes it will bring. I hope you have all signed up to get the weekly emails that are a part of this Survival Series I’m doing! If you haven’t signed up yet, now is the time! Click the button below to get this amazing info delivered right to your inbox weekly!


Abby's Survival Series: Sadie Jane's Guide to Meditating with Your Kids
Abby's Survival Series: Sadie Jane's Guide to Meditating with Your Kids
How to Meditate with Your Kids- A Guide by Sadie Jane for Abby's Survival Series

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