It’s Werth It.


Every Sunday when I was a little girl we’d travel over an hour to my grandma’s house for dinner.  I’d give her a nice big hug and then run straight for the kitchen where she always had two things out for us – those old lady cookies in the hard tins and a bowl full of Werther’s Original.  She passed away when I was little so I don’t have too many memories of her… although I do remember we used to go on walks to an Ostrich farm down the street haha… I digress.  For some reason those old lady cookies and Werther’s have always kept a special place in my heart.  I often have a bowl of the original hard candies lying around, they’re my favorite to suck on during a stressful day.


Werther’s Original just released their newest flavor and it’s just about the yummiest thing you’ve ever tasted.  It’s the Werther’s Original Cocoa Creme Soft Caramels — it’s a rich creamy chocolate wrapped in a soft caramel.  And lemme tell ya, it hits the spot when you’re craving all the things!  On March 27, Werther’s is helping fans across the country enjoy more “Werth It” moments by hosting a Coca Creme giveaway.  For six weeks, fans can enter to win awesome weekly prizes that will be announced soon! Head over to for details! 

My “Werth It” moments include time with my kiddos.  Our favorite place is snuggled up on the couch reading stories and eating snacks.  I wish I could say it was taking them to some awesome amusement park or to hike some amazing trail but since the twins were born we’ve really dialed into the more simple things in life.  Plus I’m kind of scared taking them all out by myself… I mean honestly, can you imagine?! haha!!!  I try to give my kids a good couple hours of undivided attention everyday.  Phone away, tv off, not a care in the world but memorizing all their sweet sounds and faces.

Sorry for the face… I love this picture though because it’s such a good depiction of our day.  I really wish I could have captured Coop’s face, it was SO much cuter!  These crazy boys keep me on my toes.  They’re literally the most time consuming humans ever to walk this planet, but they’re also so yummy I can’t help but just crave more of them.  

And this little Sass?  She’s quite honestly the most opinionated little thing.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.  She’s gonna know what she wants in life that’s for sure.  And it’s hard right now but she’s going to make me so dang proud one day.  Also, her kitty shoes.

Daddy’s home!!!!  Probably the best part of the entire day!  What are your “werth it” moments?  What do you love indulging in?  Do you have a memory of Werther’s like I do?  Have you tried their newest flavor?  Escape from the day’s activities, keep a bowl around and just indulge.  Werther’s is the perfect little treat that satisfies the cravings and keeps you honest!!


Abby Smith

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