The Truth About Microblading

March 9, 2017

The Truth About Microblading

UPDATE!!!!  It’s been one year since my first experience with microblading, and boy have I learned a lot!!  Do you want the bad news first?  My strokes only lasted four months and the shadowing started greying around 6.  Needless to say I was pretty disappointed.  After digging around I learned there are a few things that cause poor color retention.  It could be poor pigment and technique, poor post-op care, or excess oil production.  Because getting my brows done every six months just wasn’t an option for me I decided to find a new artist who could give me a more natural shape and who used a different technique and pigments.  I’m unfortunately needing to get laser tattoo removal because microblading IS NOT semi-permanent like I had originally thought.  You can read my post “How Microblading Changed My Shape & Why I’m Removing ItHERE.  I’ve had 8 laser tattoo removal sessions and 3 microneedling sessions and it still etched into my skin.  PLEASE be careful with microblading!

Have you had your brows microbladed?  What was your experience like?  Have you had a good experience with the color lasting?  I’m just a girl sharing my opinions and personal experience, that in no way makes me an expert.  We need more consumer education and people sharing their stories with the real truth behind microblading!  Continue reading to see my original thoughts and opinions on microblading and you can read my updated thoughts HERE.


Today we are chatting allll about microblading.  

Is it worth it?  How much does it cost?  Does it hurt?  In all honesty I wasn’t planning on doing a full blog post about this so I’m sorry that the pictures are mostly random selfies I found on my phone.  I’ve been asked by so many of you though to dish all the details so I thought it’d be easier to just come here and share my experience.

The good the bad and the ugly!!

What is Microblading?  

It’s basically a tattoo for your eyebrows.  While it falls under the permanent makeup category it’s much less invasive than getting an actual tattoo and it’s only semi-permanent.  It can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on various factors. 

Who was your artist?  

I am no longer sharing this information but I will say – do your homework.  Make sure they have a portfolio or Instagram account that showcases their work.  How are they editing their pictures?  Do they show video?  Post client reviews?  Are their clients happy with their brows a year + later?  Ask a lot of questions before committing and don’t be afraid to get a few different consults.  Don’t ever be afraid to walk away and listen to your gut.

Did it hurt?  LIKE HELL.  

And I never swear so that’s a big deal ha ha!!!  I was not prepared for it!  I was told by a friend that she was numbed the entire time and that it didn’t hurt at all.  My original artist did not numb on the first pass – she claimed it helped with color retention and blood flow?  I’m not entirely sure that’s the case (because it started fading a few months later) but it was excruciatingly painful.  Ask your artist whether or not you’re going to be numbed!  I would find someone who uses quality pigment and can just numb you right off the bat! 

How long did it take to heal? 

So what happens is your artist will cut strokes into your skin with a microblading blade and not everyone bleeds but I sure did!  The strokes will scab and it’ll take up to two weeks for them to fall off and heal.  When your strokes turn into scabs your brows are CRAZY dark.  This picture below is the day after I got them microbladed and the scabs turned jet black. 

*My sisters experience was very different.  She was told to wet her brows several times a day and her artist did not want her brows to scab.  I don’t think she healed any faster but her experience was a lot less painful and there was zero scabbing.

If we are being totally honest I hated the shape for a handful of weeks.  I thought I had ruined my face.  I’ll do a comparison further down but my artist actually shaved off my tails and lifted my brow arch so that I had more eyelid to play around with.  I have very hooded eyes and my brows grow close to my eyes.  I knew it, but I was used to seeing myself a certain way and brows can totally change the way a person looks!!  I felt like I didn’t look like me anymore!!!  Obviously I was being ridiculous, more on that down below.

Anyway, it took about 5-6 days before the scabs started falling off… exhibit A

My microblader used a shadowing technique because she’d taken off my entire tail and strokes alone weren’t going to be enough to make my brows look natural.  Because of that, and I’m not a microblader so I’m just assuming here, but the eyebrow turned into one huge scab.  About 8 days after I had my brows microbladed the scabs started peeling off.  Kinda gross.  Don’t plan on any photoshoots or blind dates while this is going on.  It’s honestly not that bad, you can easily fill them in.  The color lightened immensely, almost too much and I was still on the fence about my brows at this point. I was warned though that I wouldn’t be thrilled with my brows until the six week touchup.  So I was prepared.  Thank goodness!!!

My eyebrows turned into this picture below.  The strokes had disappeared completely and the color went an ugly grey.  You can see pretty well here where my brows were shaved off! I was filling them in like normal, which was fine, not ideal, but it was fine because at least I had a shape to draw over. And I was hopeful it’d get better at my six week touchup.

So here is a comparison on how my brow shape was transformed.  Do you see on the right how my tail angles steeper down?  It sits right on my brow bone instead of right on top of it like it does on the left. 

And a little bit closer up!! Disclaimer: I filled that selfie in on the left using photoshop.  I wanted you guys to have a good side-by-side comparison and the scabs were falling off in that picture!

To me the shape was so dramatically different that I kind of freaked out.  It took me a couple months to get used to it but eventually came around to the new shape and now really love it!  What do you think?  Left or right?

What is post-op care like?

No showers.  No exercising.  No healing ointment.  I was told to put bandaids on the tails at night to keep them protected and that once the scabs fall off, I could resume regular activity. 

*Since my initial experience I’ve learned that vaseline on the brows is recommended by a lot of microbladers.  Scabs = Poor pigment retention. 

Six weeks after my initial appointment I was finally ready for my 6 week touchup.  I was so excited because I was told this was where the dream brows were made!

She was right.  I told her how the strokes had fallen off, that the color went a little bit grey and that I felt like you could see where my natural brows ended.  She added warmth to the color, made more strokes in the arch area to help blend the natural brow and microbladed brows and refined the shape.  “Recovery” was much better with the 6 week touch up and the appointment only lasted an hour.  I actually didn’t even notice the scabs this second time around, I kept waiting for them to fall off like they did the first time around and they were just unnoticeable.  The color was darker but I actually really loved that the second time around!  I’ve had them done now for a few weeks and the color hasn’t faded to grey like they did with the first appointment.  If things change I will definitely give you an update.  UPDATE HERE 

So here are a few comparisons:

Here’s what my brows looked like filled in. See how they go a tiny bit grey?  It’s always bothered me and despite using the best products I knew of I couldn’t figure out how to avoid it. 

They look SO much better!  I finally have room to play around with eyeshadows!!!  It actually took me a couple weeks to adjust how I applied my makeup!  I finally have a brow bone to highlight!  It’s literally the best.  No, the best is waking up with my brows totally done!  I can literally get ready in five minutes now, a little bit of HACing, some lipstick and mascara.  Done.

Do you see the shape difference?  And the color?  The microbladed brows are so warm and totally symmetrical.  The minutes in my day I’d spend trying to get my brows symmetrical guys… you don’t even wanna know!

Was it worth it? 

Yes. 100x yes.  It was annoying to go through the whole scabs falling off process, not being able to workout and shower (I bathed sillies) but it was totally worth it.  It’s shaved off a good five minutes of my routine every morning, which is a big deal considering I only have a few minutes to get ready as it is!  I don’t look like I’m dead when I wake up, swimming this summer will be amazing and just over all I’ve really enjoyed my new shape!!

*Obviously my opinion has changed on this.  You can read why I’m getting my microblading removed HERE.

How much does it cost?

It’s a two hour appointment and costs anywhere from $399 – $599, just depends on your artist.  It’s definitely an investment.

If you have any other questions, if I missed something please ask me in the comments below!!  Have you had your brows microbladed?  Did you have a different experience?  I’d love to open up the comments below for people to go through and read different peoples experiences, so please comment and share!!!