An Oscars Viewing Party

Who else is looking forward to the Oscars this weekend?!  It’s been a little tradition of mine for the past few years to have family and friends over for the Oscars.  There’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch with friends while eating yummy treats and voting on all the nominations!  Do you remember this ballot from 2011?  Wow time flies!  I thought it’d be fun to share a new ballot, some favorite treats and ways you guys can host your own little Oscars viewing party!  So let’s get into it!

The most important part of any party is the food.  Am I right?!

This is my cute little sister Hayley.  We’re at her house btw, isn’t it adorable?  She lives five minutes down the road from me, I’m so happy to be back home!

Popcorn is at the top of the list for any party.  This is the Whirly pop, it makes the yummiest home made popcorn.  Make sure to add lots of butter and salt because… duh.

We’re cute, I know.  Brian was laughing at us for being such posers but whatever.  We’re awesome lol!  Oh, and that beautiful girl on the right?  She’s my sweet sister-in-law Lucia.  She’s an amazing photographer and I can’t wait to show you her work!  Another perk of being back in Utah!

Next up is is the yummiest treat you will literally ever eat in your life.  Did you guys see my instastory about it? It’s called Toffifay.  It’s a chewy caramel cup filled with a whole hazelnut and chocolate hazelnut filling and then it’s topped off with a drop of smooth chocolate.  It’s seriously all my favorite flavors and textures in one bite sized candy.  I’ve eaten at least 10 packages this week… I’m not proud.  Gahhh they’re so good.  You can find Toffifay at Target or a bunch of other grocery and drug stores nationwide.  Promise me that next time you see these bite sized drops of happiness you’ll try one for me?  Or gather a whole bunch for your Oscars party, I promise everyone will love you!

Toffifay takes you out of the ordinary with its layers of flavor + the golden tray makes it such a pretty treat!  It’s available at retailers nationwide in 4 piece and 12 piece packages!

The next thing you need are some yummy drinks.  Have you guys seen the IZZE drinks?  They’re delish and make the cutest party drinks because the bottles and colors are adorable.

And last but not least, you need your Oscars ballot!  You can’t have an Oscars party without a ballot!  I whipped these ones up, they’re pretty dang cute if you ask me, and I’ve made them into downloads for you.  Just click on the pages and print them off!! Oscars Pg1 Oscars Pg2 Oscars Pg3 Oscars Pg4

And there you have it!  Yummy treats, a pretty ballot and good company.  Easy peasy.  I’ve linked up a few things below if you’re interested in shopping a things from this post or items I’m crushing on!  

Thanks for stopping by!  And I hope this post inspires you to host your own little Oscars viewing party this weekend. Or to at least watch the Oscars?  Or to at least try Toffifay? haha!  Steal my Oscars ballot though, I swear that’s why I made it!  Do you have any fun traditions you do with family and friends?  Do you even watch the Oscars?  Lemme know in the comments below.  xo!

This post was made in collaboration with Toffifay but all thoughts and opinions are my own.  That goes without saying!! 


Crystal Sargent

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