Mad for Plaid

Well Target has gone mad for plaid!  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the trend but I sure found a bunch of it while running up and down the beauty section at my local Target.  Plaid is e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e and a great way to get in on this trend is to add pops of it here and there through your accessories.  Which btw, I found the cutest scrunchies, wire wraps, bun holders and elastic band accessories at Target that were all plaidified.  I’m pretty sure that’s a word… it is now, ha!  Today I’m taking you back and sharing four super easy and relevant hairstyles that look amazing with some of the accessories I found at Tar-jeh.

Before we dive into the hairstyles, I wanted to quickly review the new Sarah Potempa Beachwaver.  If you struggle using a regular wand (like my sister… haha) and you’re not happy with the curl you’re getting from your old curling iron, this is an amazing tool that will give you perfect results every time.


There’s a little one-inch clamp, and all you do is clamp your hair (leaving the bottom inch or so out), push the direction button and relax while the rod rotates and the waver creates the perfect curl for you.  So you don’t need to worry about wrapping your hair around a wand, or any weird line from the clamp on your curling iron.  I’ve used it a handful of times and it creates pretty curls and I’m really happy with the settings and the way it functions!  So to prep each one of these hairstyles, I’ve first curled my hair using the Beachwaver and then added some texturizing spray to help the styles hold!

#1 – The Prepster.  This preppy hairstyle, with soft curls and a plaid headband, is a classic look that you can get in minutes.  To dress the part of this iconic style, make sure to wear your nicest polo, collar popped of course, and tie a sweater around your neck for added flair.


#2 The Punk.  Inspired by 90’s grunge, this inverted braid and pony are the perfect combo for dirty unwashed hair.  It’s low maintenance and looks amazing with a trendy plaid scrunchie.  To finish the look, go ahead and tie your favorite flannel around your waist and make sure to wear your big socks!


#3  A Scrunchie Comeback.  Now what about butterfly clips?!  Inspired by 80’s pop culture, I’ve tied my hair up into a high half pony with a plaid scrunchie.  Finish off the look with a bold eyeshadow, crop top and your old chucks.


#4 All American.  Inspired by classic American style, this is the perfect braided side bun adorned with a plaid wire wrap.  Finish off the look with your favorite rolled jeans and a boyfriend button up.


So tell me, are you convinced you need a scunchie yet?  I’m so happy plaid is all over the place and I hope you guys keep your eyes open for new and fun ways to incorporate plaid into your wardrobe this fall!

This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Beauty collection in stores and online.

Abby Smith

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9 thoughts on “Mad for Plaid

  1. I like your hair styles, they are cute and look easy to do. You must have really thick hair. On the braid on top of your head your hair looks so thick. I wish I had thicker hair, mine is so fine and even with braid pulling it is pretty small. Your hair and braiding techniques are beautiful….

    1. It’s not very thick actually, there’s just a lot of pancaking going on! I also use extensions in my hair sometimes too so don’t feel like you have the thinnest hair ever. Mine is really thin too and we just work around it haha!

  2. I love your blog and YouTube channel and your snapchats and just everything about what you do!!! I go to your channel all the time for some inspiration and sometimes I wear them to special occasions. Everyone asks me to their hair and it’s all because of you and your AMAZING hair!!! You are without a genius thank you for making my hair better 😉