My life. Via Instagram

Oh October.  How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.
Friday night football
Light jackets
Crisp autumn leaves
Orange and yellow mountains
Pumpkins.  In all their varieties
The Park.  Then straight home for warm baths
Long sleeves
Longer days
Later mornings
Vampire Diaries
It’s so sad to see October go.  We’ve already said hello to piles and piles of snow!  Along with that snow though came Christmas music and hot chocolate so that makes me happy.  Where does the time go?  Savy is almost crawling!  And Boston.  Oh my best little friend that keeps me company all day long.  I just want to freeze these moments I have with my kids.  I know I’ll look back on these years and long for the days when playing cars and legos, eating pancakes for every meal and chasing the kids around the park till dark was the best thing in the entire world.  Until then I’ll just keep taking a million pictures hoping it’ll be enough to spark the memories and the smells and the feelings that were our October.

Abby Smith

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8 thoughts on “My life. Via Instagram

  1. You MUST tell me your secret to styling your son’s hair in the pic where he has a plate in his lap!! My son is 18 mo. old and we recently cut his long hair to a shorter style, but it’s so BORING! We have tried kind of faux-hawking it but it never stays… tips?? Your kids are gorgeous btw… and you take great creative photos. Thanks for sharing!