My Secret to a Smoother Morning Routine with Kids

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Today I am excited to have my friend Dani, from the Dani Marie blog, here sharing here secret to a smoother morning routine- with kids! 

Setting Up the Week for Success

Setting my week up for success is something that is so important to me for it to all run smoothly. I have learned through trial and error what works for my family and what totally doesn’t. I have a few things that I do every Sunday after church or Monday mornings that help to keep us organized and also to keep my littles empowered and independent through the week.

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The Morning Routine Struggle

How many times have you gone to get your kids ready in the morning and you have to go through their closet, find matching clothes, matching accessories, they don’t want to wear the shirt you get out so you have to start all over again? This is something that was happening way more frequently than I was wanting, so I started to figure out a solution to making our morning routine a little bit easier and less angry for all of us.

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My “Secret” System for Smoother Mornings

Something that I found has been game changing for our morning routine is to get both of my kids clothes out, hung up in complete outfits, and prepped for the entire week. This even includes ironing our clothes for church on Sundays.

First, I start by opening the weather app on my phone to know if there is any days that I need to dress my littles differently for, then my calendar for any events that we have coming up. 

Next, I go into each of my kids rooms, pull out 7 pairs of undies (for King), 7 different bottoms, and 7 coordinating shirts. On each hanger I hang up the bottoms on the rod portion, the shirt over top, and the undies around the hanger part on the top of the hanger. If I am doing an outfit for my little girl I will also put her bow on the hanger too.

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Building Independence 

My little boy, King, is four years old and we are still working on him getting himself dressed in the mornings. He knows how, just struggles with the confidence to do so especially when he gets his little undies on backwards or his shirt inside out.

One way that I help to empower him and give him more independence is having his clothes ready in his closet. In the mornings he knows he can go down to the basement, pick any hanger from the bottom rod in his closet, and he will have a matching outfit. It gives him so much independence to be able to go down and grab it all by himself & pick which outfit he wants to wear, but I also know that he is matching and is wearing something that is acceptable for the weather (if there is a rainy day or something I will help him to understand that he needs to pick something different). 

Smoother Mornings With Kids

Having our littles clothes all put together and hanging in their closets makes our mornings run so much smoother! We can just grab something knowing it is already put together. It also makes it so much easier if Zach (my husband) or our darling nanny are getting the kids dressed for the day. 

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Having my kids clothes ready to go has made our morning routine run smoother. But it also makes me feel like (just for a minute) I have things in order in my house! It only takes a few minutes to get everything ready and on hangers.  But it will take away SO much time in the mornings getting your kids dressed! 

I hope you will try this and I want to know if it also makes your mornings smoother!





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