How to not suck at being healthy

How to not suck at being healthy!

Disclaimer: As I write this I’m currently eating an entire bag of chocolates.  Now that that’s off my chest, let us proceed.

Get healthy and look good with Abby from Twist Me Pretty.

Get fit with Twist Me Pretty's Abby. New Year's Resolutions 2017. Healthy.We are well into the first month of the new year… how are your resolutions comin’ along?!  I for one can honestly say I need a do-over. It’s been a crazy 2017.  So I’m digging deep and reminding myself of all the ways I used to not suck at being healthy.  Hopefully, this will inspire my core to want more sit-ups and less donuts!!

1. Make a plan. I’m so scatter-brained when the house is full of noise that I rely heavily on my list of to-do’s. I write down what I’m going to do at the gym the next day, what I plan on eating, and how I’m going to fit it into my schedule. If working out relies on me waking up extra early, or getting the kids ready before 9am, then I have a goal. Something that gets me moving early in the morning. I’ve really been loving the app Wunderlist… It keeps me on track and I can share my list with Brian so he can follow up with me or snag milk at the grocery store on his way home from work!

2. Meal prep. You all know I’m a huge believer in meal prepping (read my post about it here). If it’s not prepped and ready for me to eat, I’m gonna devour sixteen bowls of cereal.  That’s just how it is!  If I have something healthy staring right at me when I open the fridge, 9 times out of 10, I’ll make the healthier choice. Meal prep! Prep a few vegetables, snag some pre-cooked chicken at Costco, load up on fruits and vegetables, and plan out your meals the day before. That way, the choice is pretty easy.  And if you do binge on those sixteen bowls of cereal?  Don’t feel guilty about it!  We all have choices and sometimes, I choose the cereal.  Be proud of your choices and just remember that those small choices make all the difference.

Stylish and healthy. Twist Me Pretty. New Year's Resolutions

Exercise indoors or outdoors.

(Okay so I have no idea where this door leads… but let’s pretend it’s a really cool gym)

3. Have something cute to wear at the gym! No joke. This helps.  I don’t know what it is, but when I have a new sports bra to wear, or new leggings, I’m friggen excited to go to the gym!  Gap Factory has THE cutest selection of athleisure wear right now.  Their compression pants are my favorite – they hold it allll in if you know what I’m sayin’!  I’m so into the strappy sports bras right now too + the tees that have the little back cut outs?  Gahhh, they’re my favorite!  I’m a firm believer that you can be modest when working out. Sometimes I’ll wear tiny shorts, but I just feel more comfortable dressing classy and Gap Factory has the comfiest workout tees that show just enough and hide the rest.  Wear bright pops of color, mix patterns, have fun with layering your tanks and sports bras.  Be yourself and wear what makes you feel good!

4. Buy a water bottle. A cute one. And drink from it! I don’t know what it is about having an actual water bottle, but I swear to you you’ll consume way more water. Hate water? Add some mio. Low on energy? Add some mio energy… don’t judge me.  It’s quite literally saved my life a time or two!!There's no reason to resort to a basic ponytail just because you're exercising!

Comfy, cute shoes can make all the difference to your exercise routine. Don't forget the water!

Keep track of your progress!

5. Track your progress. I threw the scale out ages ago – they’re the worst. Snap a picture of yourself every Monday morning in just your underwear. I promise it’ll motivate you to keep working towards your goal, and also it’ll help you see those small changes the scale neglected to mention.  Get a Fitbit or Apple Watch, or some sort of something that will help you track your workouts!  It’s exciting to see the calories you’ve burned, or to try and beat your time or your heart rate. You are your best competition – use yourself! 

Fit about town

Look good, feel good, treat yourself well!6. Get Ready Before you Get Sweaty. It’s important to feel confident when working out.  I put on a little bit of BB cream, some lipgloss and mascara. When I’m looking at myself lifting weights in the mirror and I look a haggard mess, I notice I don’t workout as hard. It’s like I don’t believe in myself or something. But when I’m feeling like a million bucks (it’s crazy what mascara does), I kid you not, I turn into the hulk. Beast mode. I’m all over it!  So just trust me and get ready before you get sweaty… also will someone turn that saying into a shirt?!

7. Forgive yourself. Know that fitness is a life long process. That you’re gonna make mistakes, that you’re gonna choose the pancakes over the omelet, or the entire batch of cookies over the Ezekiel bread. And it’s ok! Make the choice.  Don’t count it as a cheat — it’s not a cheat, it’s a choice.  And whatever your choice is – be happy with it!

Being fit and healthy is something we have to work on forever! It’s something we never get to just check off our list.  So indulge. And then cut back. Make healthy choices. Choose to bake cookies with your daughter, or to take your best friend out for lunch, instead of eating your prepped meal. Make healthy choices. And when you can’t, don’t beat yourself up. Get back on the wagon, work out hard and just love yourself.  

Love yourself! Get fit 2017.

Thanks Gap Factory for working with me on this post!

Abby Smith

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7 thoughts on “How to not suck at being healthy

  1. I love your outfit and your hair! I find meal prep is one of the most important things for me because ain’t nobody got time for thinking of a healthy dinner when you’re already hangry!! Haha thanks for sharing! <3

  2. I think i should start meal prepping. I try to convince myself that just one bite won’t kill me but that one bite soon turns into the whole tub of ice cream? Also, the town you are in is my hometown. I just moved to northern Utah and am missing it back at home. It gives me comfort to see these pictures.(: if you can find someone with a key, GO In that building. I promise the upstairs will blow your mind☺️

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