Summer to Fall Transitions + Getting Sentimental!

A couple days ago we went to the pumpkin patch down the street from my house, did you see it on my instastories?!  Don’t worry, I was wearing no make up and gym clothes, not these 4″ espadrilles ? haha #momlife.  I could not get over the view and how beautiful those dang Wasatch mountains were.  This time of year always tugs at my heart strings.  I’m so grateful to be back home!  I honestly didn’t think we’d get to move from Ohio for another couple years so being by family and friends right now has been such a blessing.  Last week I caught the worst bug, I’m 95% sure it was influenza.  I quarantined myself away from the kids because them having respiratory problems right before the weather turns frigid is every mothers worst nightmare.  We had family stop by every day to check up on Brian and the kids and to make sure we were all doing okay!  It’s just those little things in life that make all the difference!  I don’t care where I’m living as long as I’m close to family. 

For all you moms who are in the thick of it, miles away from home and surviving life on your own, I love you.  I don’t know why I’m being all sentimental right now but I just want to say that those three years we were in Ohio were some of the hardest years of my life.  Thinking about them and putting myself back there makes me all sorts of emotional.  But I would not trade those years for ANYTHING.  Brian and l learned to work together as a team, to rely on the Savior and each other.  We had experiences that really tested us and pushed us to our limit and gave us the opportunity to learn and grow.  But I am so grateful to look up at those mountains every morning, to take that deep grateful breathe and know that I’m finally home.

Have you ever lived away from family?  I have several friends who have moved away and just thrive!  They don’t ever want to move back!  We might have had a different experience if we hadn’t gotten pregnant with the twins right after we moved but those three years were intense for us!

So today I’m sharing a little transition to fall outfit.  Throw on some shorts and you’re ready for the beach, throw on some jeans + booties and you’re ready for fall!  I like to start wearing thinner long sleeves that keep me warm when there’s a chill but won’t make me melt when the sun pops out!  I’m a little bit sad I’m gonna have to put these sandals away for the season, but super excited to start pulling out my sweaters! 

Top | Jeans | Block Heels I’m obsessing over! | Bag | Watch | Necklace | Lipsense Color: Strawberry Shortcake.  Go snag a color and gloss here!  You can also find more lipsense shenanigans @twistmeprettylips

Photographer: Trina Harris Photography 

Thanks for reading!  I’m actually working on some pretty FREAKING rad projects right now and I’m soooo excited to share them with you.  I can barely stand it!  So check back in so you don’t miss them!


Abby Smith

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5 thoughts on “Summer to Fall Transitions + Getting Sentimental!

  1. I moved away from family over 5 years ago and it’s so hard to be away. I miss them everyday and wish I had that support here in Utah. I could never find anyone even close enough to replace my mom while being here so I try and visit them as much as I can. This post pulled on my heart strings and makes me want to go see them now!

    Also love this look. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make my summer floral tops ready for fall so this is perfect! Cardigan weather here I come!

  2. That blouse has such pretty details!

    We lived away from family for 6 years. The first 4 years we were the farthest away (in Denver), we only had visitors like 3 or 4 times the whole time we lived there, and that was hard. Those really were some of the hardest years of our life ever. Sometimes I miss exploring Denver, but mostly I think about how hard things were, how bad things got, and I’m just grateful we made it through. We also added two babies to our family then (one at a time for us, though I’ve always wanted twins. 😉 ).
    Then we moved to Northern AZ for 2 years, which was also really hard, but we were a bit closer to family, and we got more visitors as a result. But it was still hard. Especially as I had siblings struggling and couldn’t help them. I guess all 6 years we were away were the hardest of our lives, but Denver and Flagstaff were hard in such different ways.
    Anyway, we moved back home at the beginning of the summer and it has been so good. It is interesting to me how much I miss our time away, even though it was so hard, but then when I get to be with siblings, or take my kids to explore places I remember going when I was a kid, it just makes me so glad to be back.

  3. I live a gazillion miles away from my family up here in Canada and it’s super hard! I wish I could just “move home”, but for us it’s not that simple. So happy you get to be near yours though! I love you abby even tho we’ve never met haha! I look forward to your content Just know that you are making me smile! And tons of others I’m sure! Keep rocking it girl! Xoxox – Jenelle