Sweater Weather Wardrobe Favorites

Raise your hand if you love sweater weather as much as I do! As much as I love the summer it is so fun to have the seasons change and get to transition to a more cozy wardrobe. The line I curated with Olive Avenue has plenty of pieces that are ready for the temperature changes.

With rich colors of mustard, rust, burgundy. Textures with fine ribbing, pom pom design or comfortable chunky knit. These sweaters are just perfect for the fall and transitioning into the winter. 

With these neutral colors and different sweater “weights” you will be able to wear these pieces into the spring as well! 

Mustard Pom-Pom Cardigan Sweater

Sweaters with beautiful colors perfect for Fall!

Love this sweater with the pom pom detail. Such warm tones perfect for fall and winter and anytime you need to be cozy!

Tie-Dye Sweater & Denim Jacket

Tie dye sweatshirt and a denim jacket both make the perfect wardrobe staples this fall and winter!


Tie dye sweater that is light enough to wear in layers and warm enough to keep you warm throughout the seasons!

If you don't have a denim jacket, this is the time to get one! This denim jacket has the perfect fit and material you will love all year long!

Billie Jean Top – Wine

This deep wine colored sweater is to DIE for! So pretty and perfect for fall and winter

Color-Block Oversized Sweater 


Polka Dot Sweater – Mustard

Such a cute polka dot sweater! Love how cozy this piece is.

Striped Sweaters and Polka Dots Accessories
Polka dots a stripes for the win this fall! How are you transitioning your wardrobe this fall.

What are your favorite colors, styles, or details in your fall wardrobe this season? What pieces are you hoping to add? Head on over to Instagram and let me know in the comments! 




Abby Smith

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