The Best Halloween Costumes for 2019

It’s Trick-or-Treat season and that means the best halloween costumes and….. Mom Tax! 😉 Do you take a mom tax from your kids on Halloween? Give me ALL of the Baby Ruth candy bars. Those are my favorite. What are yours? 

In honor of this fabulous time of year I put together a round-up of some of the best Halloween costumes to give you some inspiration and help you on your way to that moment when the kids are in bed. The house lights are off, and you get to enjoy that candy. Candy doesn’t count on Halloween right? 

Little Red Riding Hood 

This is one of the best Halloween costumes because it has so many pieces to it that you can add your family too! You can see the whole crew in this post here


Okay, so this one ACTUALLY came out of our Ghostbuster family costume. You can see that here. But, you can be that on it’s own as well. Who doesn’t love a cardigan and a sensible kitten heel. 

Vintage 50’s 

Who doesn’t love poodle skirts? Everything from the 1950’s was so darling! The hair, the saddle shoes, the headbands and of course those skirts!

1980’s (Madonna/Cyndi Lauper) 

“Because I am living in a material world, and I am a Material Girl”. Such a fun costume and the balloons were a really easy prop to get. Although they can be kind of a pain getting into cars! 


This costume was so so cute but it was not modest and something appropriate for me to wear around my kids, and I would have frozen to death in it! So I modified it to be something I could actually wear! You can see the full post here

Sandy from Grease

This costume is SUPER easy to re-create and all you need is lots of black! It’s all about the hair and makeup for Sandy from Grease and I’ve got a tutorial right here for you! 

Great Gatsby

Have you ever wanted to go back to another time period and visit for just a day? How fun would it be to experience the roaring 20’s and an F. Scott Fitzgerald, Gatsby, kind of party? I mean, just to dress up and dance all night would be such a thrill, and especially in this gorgeous head piece! The company that made this has so many beautiful pieces.  They make them for special occasions that are perfect for things like weddings, prom and of course Halloween! 


I feel like you can never go wrong with a pirate! I love that I can wear boots and long sleeves because it can be so cold on (and around) Halloween sometimes. It’s easy to just add more layers to a pirate outfit and you can go as glam or as grunge as you feel up to. All you need is a good smokey eye!


Yes, you gotta catch them all! Even when they are pint sized balls of energy and can run in multiple directions. Pokemon is basically parenting

I hope that gave you some ideas! I’ll be on the lookout for more and share them when I can. Here is this little hidden gem from last year too! What are you planning to be for Halloween? I’d love to hear what creative ideas you all have! 


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