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Today I am excited to have my beautiful friend Sarah from The Dainty Pear back on and giving us the low-down on her new favorite product – makeup setting spray! She’s the makeup review guru so let’s find out what makeup setting spray she’s loving now right now.  

Morphe Continuous Setting Mist


OKAY, guys. Today we’re talking Setting Spray. I’ll be honest, for mannnnny years I thought that it was a scam…a joke…a load of ca ca…(maybe it still is! Hahaha!) but when I find one that I feel actually DOES AN AMAZING JOB AND IS EASY TO use, I have to tell you about it.

I originally tried setting sprays that would completely drench my face (you can see it in the video below,) or would soak only one spot with an uneven spray, which I felt would totally defeat the purpose of putting on makeup because it felt soppy and ruined.

I came across this Morphe Continuous Setting Mist several months ago, and it was love at first spray.


A makeup spray that doesn't leave streaks on your face!

Instructions: Hold several (8-10) inches away from your face. Spray. That is literally IT. Haha! The only thing I would mention is to keep it moving so that you don’t soak one spot for too long!

Here are some reasons why I love it…

Let’s Talk about Spray

Because it’s an aerosol, you get an EVEN, LIGHT, CONTINUOUS spray. So many others with a pump will leave you feeling like you just showered your face. (Not all of them, because I talked in my E.L.F. Review about how I actually liked one of their sprays and have found some other good ones, too!)

Because the mist is so fine and even, you can control it so much more easily and do more passes around your face, more quickly!

If you are looking for a great makeup setting spray without breaking the bank the Morphe setting spray is perfect!

What is the Price?

It’s pretty dang affordable! I have tried other more expensive ones (like Urban Decay’s All Nighter, which I still really like and would likely purchase again,) but if you’re skeptical about the said magical abilities of setting sprays in the first place (like me,) and want to try something a step up from drug store but not luxury, then this is a great option.

I would even choose this one in a lineup over some “nicer” products. AM I GETTING PAID FOR THIS!!?? NO! Even though it totally sounds like it. Hahaha. Hashtag: Not Sponsored. I will say, though, that in my opinion, the spray with the closest thing to this kind of “mist” would be the MAC Fix Plus. It still has a spray pump, but tends to be a little bit more of a fine mist. BUT, even that can still have the random uneven squirts, which rarely to never happens with the Morphe Continuous Setting Mist!

Does it Work?

Now, after all of that…do I think setting spray works? My opinion on this has shifted over the past few years! After thinking it was total bogus and no different than spraying water on your face… I started using it more often, including with powders, and saw how it transformed the “powdery” look (which I don’t personally enjoy on myself and one of the reasons I had avoided powder in the past!) into more dewy/real skin, and I would like it for that reason alone! I do feel like there is something to setting your makeup and letting it dry, so now I am pleased to say that I have come around and am pro setting spray!

This is the best makeup setting spray for a great price!

How Does It Smell?

Another thing that I have to say about this spray is that the smell isn’t overpowering like others I’ve tried! Anything TOO floral-y I have a hard time spraying directly on my face, but the mist is fine enough and the smell light enough that I didn’t have an issue with it at all!

Cons of Morphe Continuous Setting Mist:I love the Morphe Makeup setting spray!

I don’t have many, honestly, but I have heard that most of the complaints came from those with super oily skin. I can’t speak to this, because my skin tends to run more dry or combination at times, but that may be something to keep in mind if this is your situation!:) I know there are Matte/Mattifying setting mists out there which might help in that scenario!  

SO there we have it! Have you tried this!? Let me know your thoughts, and if you haven’t tried it yet and want to, you can find it for around $16 at your local Ulta or online!

XO- Sarah


Sarah is a Wife, Mama to 5 kids-ages 2 to 7, and Owner of The Dainty Pear & The Dainty Pear Co.🌿 She is a Licensed Esthetician, Blogger, Birth Doula, a Midwife Assistant in training, and loves coaching and empowering women through the Birth experience.👶🏼 She is an advocate of Anxiety and PPD, and passionate about helping others not feel alone in their journey.
Her Blog and YouTube channel feature product reviews, family vlogs, cooking, makeup and hair tutorials/reviews, and birth and anxiety chats. She has been a makeup hoarder since childhood, and began by sneaking away to use all of her babysitting money on makeup at the dollar store. Not much has changed, and you can still find her frequenting the makeup aisles of Ulta, Sephora, or the Grocery Store!😊
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