Bubble Ponytail Tutorial

Alright babes, I think it’s time for a new, fun, easy hairstyle! I think the bubble ponytail is going to quickly be on   your regular rotation. The bubble ponytail tutorial is easy and is even great for second and third day hair. 

This is a great twist on a classic. It can be hard to find new hairstyles and sometimes you might get stuck on the  straight, curly, or topknots. I am always looking for new twists (Twist Me Pretty) on hairstyles and this one is definitely a keeper! 

If you're looking for an easy hairstyle!

Step 1

Pull some of your hair up into a ponytail and use a clear elastic to secure it. 

Step 2

Then repeat step 1 taking your next section of hair at the temple and pulling it back. I like to leave the bulk of my hair left down, because I want to have most of my hair down my back. 

If you want quick and super stylish results Bubble Ponytail is one of the best hairstyles to try

Step 3

Then secure both of those ponytails together with an elastic band and do one more. Do one more ponytail pulling from the top of ears.  Again you want to leave the bulk of your hair down the back of your neck. 

Fun tip: You can add 2-3 clip extensions

If you’ve been stuck in a hairstyle rut then you are going to love this triple bubble ponytail. It’s simple and stylish and works even better on second or third day hair.

Step 4

Hold each elastic starting from the top. Pinch and pull the hair out a little creating a bubble, kind of like the old school Jasmine hair.  

You can leave that last part down, end with a ponytail, or bun. It is so fun! Finish it off with some dry wax to tame any fly-aways and if you are leaving it down through the ends to kind of piece it and blend it into together. 

Quick and easy to do, the bubble ponytail is the best!

Isn’t this a fun hairstyle? I hope you love this bubble ponytail tutorial as much as I do! If you want to see my video tutorial to walk you through it you can find it on my Instagram account too! 


Bubble ponytails are so much fun, easy, and fast!

Abby Smith

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