Apparently I’m a criminal


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Are you guys ready for a good story?  Cause today I’m totally delivering.

We were in the van (yeah… we got a van.  and it’s the best thing that’s EVER happened to me.  ever.) on our way to get some lunch and I was looking for somewhere to stop real quick and snap a few outfit photos.  Because let’s be honest, the one time a week I get ready it’s got to be documented haha!!  The snow is starting to melt here in Ohio and it’s looking pretty dirty and ugly.  When I saw this beautiful white driveway I was like, Brian PULL OVER!  It’s a super long driveway, you can see the barn/shed in the background but the house was pretty far away.  I thought, we’ll be here 10 minutes or less and it’s not like we’re bothering anyone.  They won’t even know we’re here!  Famous last words.  Literally less than five minutes later three cop cars pull up.  THREE!  One officer gets out of his car and asks Brian what he’s doing.  Brian was like, “well, I’m taking pictures of my wife for her blog” and the officer had no clue what a blog was.  So for the next five minutes we had to explain what a blog was and why we were taking pictures in some random persons driveway.  As if taking pictures of yourself on a semi-busy street isn’t embarrassing enough!  And then to be SUPER pregnant on top of it!!  Oh, the humiliation!  And let me mention – the officers cars and lights were on and traffic was stopped because it’s just a one lane road with zero shoulder from all the snow.

The home owners must have called the police within minutes of us getting there and they claimed there were “suspicious people” outside their home and they were worried there was foul play going on.  I mean, can it get anymore suspicious than a blonde pregnant girl, her nice looking husband and a van?  hahaha!  Let me just say – I know it’s illegal and we were technically trespassing.  But people in the east are SO PARANOID!!!  They didn’t even give it two minutes before calling the police on us because the police arrived in literally less than five.  The officer ended up being really cool but it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life!

We’ve had more encounters with the law since moving to Ohio than I ever have in my entire life.  Did I tell you our car was stolen from our driveway a few weeks ago?  Ha ha oh gees.  Have you guys had any crazy experiences with law enforcement?  I just think they’re the best!  This weeks hair tutorial will come out on Friday.  I’m collaborating with Kayley Melissa — eeek!  And we have something fun up our sleeves so stay tunes!


Abby Smith

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14 thoughts on “Apparently I’m a criminal

  1. HA! This is too funny! And it’s not people in the East.. it’s people in the midwest!! (ohio is technically part of the midwest) And Ohio contains 3 of the top 20 most dangerous cities in the US, and like half of the rest of them are in the midwest, so ya can’t really blame them 😉

  2. Hahahahaha! I started taking outfit pictures this week just to see if I’d like fashion blogging, and I’ve already been approached twice! Once I was confronted by a mall security guard on a Segway (I wasn’t even in the actual mall!) then a guy walked up to me today trying to take my camera so that he could take pictures of me himself – despite my persistent “no thank you’s” lol! So awkward.

  3. Oh my goodness. That is absolutely hilarious! ;D And then the officer not even knowing what a blog is…that’s just great. Those people sound so paranoid though! Oh my goodness! I’m in the south, and that has yet to happen to me. Now I know to be careful if I go to Ohio, though! Adorable outfit, by the way. 🙂
    Grace Anne

  4. This is hilarious! Some people.. 😉 I’m glad I’m not the only one that feels awkward taking pictures of myself for my blog haha! Thanks for sharing the story, i love how personable you are! You sound just like me on days that I get ready and see a cool “scenery” for my husband to take pictures of my outfit!


  5. Hi Abby! As a cop wife just north of you in Michigan I will let you in on a little secret. Ohio peeps be weird.

    1. AAAHAHA!!! Seriously I was rolling on the floor – ohio peeps be weird hahaha!! SERIOUSLY though. They’re more than weird, they’re full on crazy!

  6. OMG! That is crazy! Of all the blogs I read you are the most personable one, you make me feel like I’m your friend, haha! I can’t believe that happened to you. Oh well, it’s a good story right? 🙂

  7. Hi Abbey love your blog and your hair styles. When I heard read your story I was just like omg so really weird stuff happens to other people too. A few years ago I was stopped by the police at 4:30am on a Thursday going to my boyfriends house because we leaving really early for the airport for a vacation. After stopping me and questioning me for like 10 minutes they then showed up at his house and did the same thing. We then were so late to the airport we had to run all the way through the airport.