Tips and Tricks For Gorgeous Hair

A woman wearing pink lipstick with wavy blonde hair smiles as she looks to her right. Twist Me Pretty. Find how how you can get her gorgeous hair.

Displaying an array of products, a woman with gorgeous hair smiles at the camera. Twist Me Pretty.

With tousled hair, a blonde woman gazes into the camera. You too can have gorgeous hair. Twist Me Pretty.

Hey guys!!!  I’m sharing a few favorite hair tips, tricks and products that I’m loving lately.  The Gorgeous Hair Event at Ulta is going on right now, and you can get products up to 70% off!  So if you’ve recently run out of your favorites, or want to try some of mine, now’s the time to snag ’em!

Abby Smith

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7 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks For Gorgeous Hair

  1. I just moved from Idaho to North Carolina a few months ago. My hair is naturally curly/wavey and extremely thick. I used to always straighten or curly my hair in Idaho and leave it for days. Since moving here my hair won’t stay straight without going poofy and frizzys on top. It always won’t stay curled when before it would hold the curl for days. Any adobe or help? The humidity is killing my hair! Haha

  2. I have pretty thick hair but it’s also heavy!! I can’t seem to keep volume throughout the day I use a dry shampoo to add texture and back comb but my hair is so heavy it just falls, I also have issues keeping my ponytail from falling 30 minutes after I put it up. I do have a heavily layered long haircut, is there any products or tips?! ?

  3. Love the video! I don’t wash my hair everyday but my problem is when I wake up the hair around my cowlick on the back of my head separates (if that makes sense). Wondering if there is a product that can help smooth it out to cover my cowlick again.

  4. I wash every other day but day 2 has been so greasy lately. It’s gross. I am growing out a pixie so I can’t throw it up. Also I need a pre curl product that helps my hair curl better. It has been very uncooperative lately. Thank you for the help!

  5. Hey cute girl thanks for sharing!!! My question is what do you recommend so us girls that just can’t keep a curl? I have the nume wand but my curls still fall out unless I am on day 3-5 of no washing. My hair is still kinda short (shoulder length) so it falls into the very exaggerated curled under look if I am not careful!!!