Twisted Chignon | Day 30

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wedding hairstyles

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DAY THIRTY!!!!  I seriously cannot believe it’s here!  Ending this challenge is so bitter sweet for me.  I’ve loved connecting with so many new friends and having something new to share everyday, but I’m not gonna lie… this has been stinkin’ HARD!!!  I’m ready for a nice long nap.  And an entire bag of Cadbury Eggs haha!  I really hope you’ve enjoyed following along in the 30|30 challenge and I hope you come back to visit often!  Thank you so much for taking pictures of your inspired hairstyles, I’ve loved seeing you beautiful girls on my Instagram feed.  For the last day I chose this elegant twisted chignon.  It’s a quick upstyle that can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or a formal gown.  This style takes me less than ten minutes to do from start to finish and you don’t need curly hair to start — it’s definitely a style you need to keep up your sleeve!

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take a small section of hair from the front (thinner side) and drape it near the middle of your head, secure with an x of bobby pins
  2. Take another section directly below the first section, drape back and secure slightly to the left of the first section with an x of bobby pins
  3. Take a small section of hair from the other side (heavier side) and wrap it around your two fingers of the opposite hand creating a small roll.  Place the roll on top of the bobby pins and secure by inserting a bobby pin into the roll
  4. Take another small section from the front, directly beneath the first section, and roll back securing with a bobby pin right on top of the criss-cross bobby pins
  5. Continue down the hair until you’ve reached the end
  6. You should have a small tail of hair left.  Split it in two, twist the sections together and secure with a clear elastic
  7. Wrap the twist up and cover the seam we’ve created.  Tuck the ends inside the hole at the very top of your chignon and secure with bobby pins.  If your twist needs to be manipulated a little to hide the seam, go ahead and secure what you need to with a few hair pins or bobby pins.
  8. Spray with hairpsray

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Video Tutorial for the Twisted Chignon!

Abby Smith

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10 thoughts on “Twisted Chignon | Day 30

  1. Wish I’d have seen this before I got the winter blues and cut off all my hair!! Also, have fun with your twins, I have 16 month old twins (boy and girl)and an almost 4 year old…it’s crazy busy but I love it. Good luck. Once I regrow my hair (still can’t believe I did that) I’ll be trying these styles. My soon to be 4 year old has hair down to her backside so at least there is that. 🙂 Thanks for the help.

  2. This is gorgreous hairstyle and I’m going to try it now 🙂
    I hope it will look in the end like yours 🙂

    Please, never stop doing hairstyles because you’re doing it great! 🙂
    Kiss from Croatia 🙂

  3. This is really pretty and thank you for doing a tutorial to make it simple. I really need to know what hairstyle is you favourite, love the hairstyle!!!

  4. I recently saw a video clip you posted with the Mom’s Conference and I’ve got to say that since I saw your ideas and help, I’ve been somewhat addicted to browsing through your pictures and trying out the styles. Your posted how-tos, easy-going personality, and energetic attitude are all encouraging and have helped me out so much. Thank you for sharing your passion with me and others 🙂