Twisted Ponytail | Day 28

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For day 28 we have the prettiest bohemian twisted ponytail.  I’m absolutely in love with this hairstyle because I can chase my kids in it, cook, clean, do all that fun mom stuff, but then it transitions so well to date night.  It takes five minutes to throw up and it’s perfect for dirty unwashed hair.  Which for me is everyday.  Seriously, who has time to wash their hair these days?!  Definitely give this hairstyle a try, it’s a lot easier to do than you would think!

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Take a small triangle section hear your part and divide it in two
  2. Twist the two sections up
  3. Add a new section of hair to the top section and add a new section of hair to the bottom section
  4. Twist up
  5. Continue this process until you reach the back of your head.  Clip off with a duck bill clip
  6. Repeat on the other side
  7. When the two twists are an inch or two from meeting, gather all the hair and put in a ponytail
  8. Optional: cover elastic with an accessory

Notes:  This is a great second day style.  Or fifth day style.  I guess what I’m trying to say is this ponytail works best on dirty hair.  I like to do it a couple days after I’ve curled my hair so my ponytail looks nice, but if you have thick hair a straight ponytail will be just as gorgeous.  Spray with Kenra 25 and Redkin Wool.  Checkout my products page here.

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Abby Smith

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22 thoughts on “Twisted Ponytail | Day 28

  1. You make this look so easy but there’s no possible way that I can get this into my hair. I tried it like a 1000 times :c

  2. hey just wondering people that have never braided would there still be a chance that they could do this hairstyle and does this hairstyle suit everyone??

  3. Hi, what do you call the wire/fabric thing that you wrapped around the ponytail? It looks really good and I can’t seem to find anything similar, so it would be good to know what it’s called. Thanks very much

  4. Its summer at the moment and this hair-do looks so cute and im definitly goinf to try it. And school startes in like a little bit more than a month so im defnitley trying this out at school to, in the pony tail and just on the side of my head! Thanks for the tutorial!!!! Do you know what this song is called btw?

  5. I can’t believe how simple this is! I thought it was going to be so hard, but it’s not. Thanks for providing both written instructions AND a video 🙂

  6. As someone who has survived many a cold, dry winter with super fine and easy to break hair in Colorado- coconut oil! Apply it to your hair from about the ears down before you go to bed (I braid my hair into pigtails to sleep in, which helps contain the mess), then plop conditioner on your head for about half an hour before you shower. It’ll save your hair from getting so dry it just snaps off.