Vertical Buns | Day 26

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I’m more of a fresh falling curls and soft braids type girl.  I like to have some hair on my neck and bangs dangling near my face.  We talked about this earlier… the insecurities I have with my hair.  Truly, it gives me confidence and when it’s all pulled back I sometimes shy away.  Every now and then though life calls for something a little edgier.  What do you guys think of this style?  Do you like it?

Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Using your finger, section from the opposite side of your part down to your crown, over and then from your temple on the other side and down until it meets your finger
  2. Brush through your regular part and make sure there are no bubbles and then twist that section up and roll it around itself forming a bun
  3. Wrap a clear elastic around the bun and then fluff the bun out to make it look more full
  4. Section off a one inch section above your temple and dutch braid french braid back.  When the braid meets up with the bun finish it off with a three strand braid and a clear elastic and clip up on the other side so it’s out of the way
  5. Repeat directly beneath the first braid
  6. Now that both braids are finished, gather a new section above your ears and form a second bun.  This section will include the braids.
  7. Form a third bun with the remaining hair

Notes: To avoid fly-a-ways, use some hairspray or pomade before forming the buns.  This is a great second-day hairstyle, or if you’re crazy like me, it’s a great fifth and sixth day style.  I love the suave dry shampoo– it helps me get through so many days without washing.  Checkout my products page here

I hope you enjoy the tutorial!  Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t already and keep up the hashtagging!!  I just love it sooo much, you girls are seriously making my days!  #thirtythirtyhair  —  MUAAAH

Abby Smith

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One thought on “Vertical Buns | Day 26

  1. I just listened to your songs and they are so lovely! Your voice is beautiful. And my, you are so talented! You make amazing hairstyles and sing! Keep using your talents for the Lord. ♥