Twisted Ponytail


Hellloo-o-o-o-o ponytail!  YAAAS (Insert bitmoji topknot + sweat pants wearing Abby snappin’ her fingers up high in the air)!!!  Whoaaa… did you even follow that?!  If you did we are def spirit animals.  Are you guys excited about this one?!  I love me a good ponytail.  And then when that ponytail is also cute, is also appropriate for chasing kids around, is also fast, is also the most beautiful twisted mess I’ve ever seen — well then I just get all excited.  

I sure hope you guys love this tutorial!!!  And the video… well… I can explain.  I’ve been around kids waaaay too much this summer and basically when they aren’t around I just throw up all my adult thoughts.  So yeah.  There’s that.  Haha just watch the video and you’ll understand.

Here are a few commonly asked questions — you can find the elastic bands I use here.  You can find the extensions I use here – LUXYABBY for $5.00 off.  You can find the waves tutorial here.  You can find the necklace I wear everyday here.  I can’t remember what lipstick I was wearing but chances are it was one of the one in my summer favorites video here.  My nail polish is this one here and this is the UV light I have.  You can find the tutorial for all things gel nails here.  That was posted over four years ago so sorry it’s a little outdated.  Should I make a video on that??  It’s super easy!  Mmk I think that’s it!!  Let me know if I’ve missed anything ha ha!

Love you guys!
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Lettuce Be Friends!!!!  It’s back in stock (although not on sale.. booo) and it’s literally the most comfiest tee I own.  I’m buying them all.  And this isn’t the Kale shirt I was talking about, but seriously… it’s awesome.

And for your Pinterest pleasure! Do I even need to tell you to pin this to one of your boards?  K cool, didn’t think so.  Also, also.  Go follow me on pinterest.  Do people still use Pinterest?  haha, I do so… hop on over and be inspired.

Twisted Ponytail Steps

Abby Smith

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4 thoughts on “Twisted Ponytail

  1. I just had a baby and I love these easy and fast hairstyles. Would you be willing to do a video that goes over how you make your videos? What you use for editing, microphones, lighting, etc. Your videos are all amazing!

  2. Love this! My hair is always up in the summer (thanks to the South Carolina humidty) so this is perfect! Abby, could you tell us which UV light you use? I clicked the link but my Amazon page keeps telling me it can’t find that product. Thank you!

  3. This is fantastic! I have a 1yr old and a 2 1/2 yr old so I totally get the running around thing plus pulling of hair. And don’t feel bad about the throwing up adult thoughts thing; I totally do that every night before bed. Sometimes you just want to make complete sentences 🙂