Vintage 50’s Hairstyles for Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!  If you’re here to learn some quick and easy 50’s hairstyles, you’re in the right place.  My daughter and I love dressing up for Halloween and this year I just couldn’t stop thinking about poodle skirts.  So we dressed up, ordered some milkshakes and fries and boogied our little hearts out!

In the process of getting ready, I thought I’d film some of my favorite vintage hairstyles for you.  The top two don’t require heat and as a result can be done pretty quickly.  The bottom two start off with some tight curls and honestly if you have the time, I think they’re worth it!  What one is your favorite?

Hairstyle #1 – Faux Victory Rolls

This hairstyle and the next one are 50’s hacks — I’m not sure how many “messy buns” were worn back then but either way, they look super cute and will totally work for a costume.  This one has a cluster of “victory” rolls on the sides and then it’s pulled into a low bun wrapped in a chiffon hair wrap.

Hairstyle #2 – Faux Bangs

This hairstyle is one of my favorites — it’s SO fun!!  It reminds me so much of I love Lucy and you can do it in a snap.  I curled my bangs just to make the hair rolled under easier but that step is optional.  You can use a little more product and get the same look without heat, I just didn’t want to use too much hairspray as I was styling several different hairstyles.

Hairstyle #3 Victory Roll Hairstyle with Curls

This one is THE CUTEST, it’s so fun and flirty and while it takes more time to do it’s totally worth it.  You just create a victory roll out of your bangs, curl the rest of the hair and pin it back and on top of your head.  Separate the curls and accessorize with a chiffon head wrap!  What do you think about this hairstyle?

Hairstyle #4 Victory Roll Ponytail Hairstyle

I think this hairstyle makes the most sense if you’re wearing poodle skirts — the iconic ponytail is a must!  There’s a victory roll on top and then the rest goes back into a ponytail, make sure the ends are nice and curled and then a bow is wrapped to the side.  

We had so much fun filming these styles and are curious to know, what one is your favorite?  I’ve shared more pictures and links to everything we’re wearing in this Poodle Skirt Halloween Costumes post here.

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