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Dirty hair.  It’s the new black.  BUT FEEERR REEAL.  You all know I never wash my hair… my goal each week is to only wash my hair once and I’ll be honest, it’s usually one of the only goals I’m successful at haha #momlife am I right?!

There are a few products that I want to share with you guys today — they’ll absolutely up your dirty hair game.  The first product is dry shampoo… and if you don’t know what dry shampoo is… well first off WHAT?!  I’m about to change your life right now.  In my opinion dry shampoo is one of the best beauty inventions of all time.  The purpose of dry shampoo is to soak up oil and freshen the hair.  It will allow you to go a few extra days between washings so if you’re washing your hair everyday right now, on the second day use some dry shampoo and do that for awhile until you feel like you can go one more day and then one more!  … You’ve just got to train your scalp to produce less oil and it’s all supply and demand so when you slowly wean away from washing it every day you’ll notice your scalp will produce less and less oil.  You’ll also find that your hair is healthier because you’re not stripping it of it’s natural oils and over styling it with heat tools.  The dry shampoo will help with sweat, odor, oil and it’s pretty much the beez knees.  I’ve tried a lot of dry shampoo over the years and my favorite by far is the Living Proof brand – obviously.  It sprays on very light and doesn’t have an overwhelming fragrance which I really like.  Some cheaper dry shampoos will feel heavy or cakey and make your hair just feel even dirtier like now you have a bunch of product in your hair that needs to be washed off.  So if you haven’t had a great experience with dry shampoo it’s very possible you just haven’t found the right one!



^^ You’re going to first shake the can really well and then you’re going to lift up the top few layers of hair and spray the Living Proof PhD dry shampoo 6-10″ away all over your root section


^^ Don’t forget the top!  You’re going to apply it section by section and use sweeping motions as you spray.


Now you’re going to let the dry shampoo just sit for about 30 seconds, let it do it’s magic.  Then you’re going to remove it by massaging your hair with your fingers.  If you have dark hair you’re not going to want to skip this step.  It will take just a bit more massaging to really get the white powder from being completely invisible.


This next product I just discovered a couple months ago and you guys — life changed.  It’s the Living Proof Prime Style Extender and IT’S AMAZING!!!!  It protects and extends the life of your style, it’s weightless and helps smooth frizz + it also detangles.  I can typically wear my curls a couple days before I start styling my hair out of my face so I don’t need to re-curl it and when I use this primer I notice my curls are much prettier the next day and last twice as long as they normally would.

I’ve put together a handful of my go-to hairstyles that are perfect for dirty hair.  I’ll be honest, most hairstyles hold better when dirty but these ones are quick and easy, perfect for those rushed mornings!  With each style I’ve prepped the hair with dry shampoo and finished it off with the flex shaping hairspray.  The flex shaping hairspray is great to use with curls too because it doesn’t stiffen the curl but adds a nice texture and hold to the hair without weighing it down.



This is one of my favorite mom hairstyles because it’s soooooo fast and easy.  Also if your curls are a mess or you have super frizzy ends from having it a top knot or something this is a great style to hide all of that.

1/  Gather hair in half bun
2/ hold the tails out
3/ wrap the tails around the elastic
4/ push the tails back through the elastic underneath the bun

The Casual FishtailStyle2

This is a perfect “dirty” hairstyle because it’s outta yer face and the dirty texture helps hold the fishtail!  This one might be a style you use when your curls are still a little bit noticeable because the ends are left out.  However if your hair is a mess just fishtail all the way to the bottom!

1/ Pull hair over into a sign ponytail and wrap a small piece around the elastic and back through it
2/ Split the ponytail into two sections
3/ fishtail down the the hair.  Quick recap of a fishtail: take a small section from one of the larger sections, and toss it over to the other section.  Take a small section from the opposite side and toss it over the larger section.  Still confused?  Checkout this video here!
4/ wrap a small piece of the tail around the elastic and thread back through underneath.

The Pull-Through Braid


Is this not gorgeous?  I’m so in love with the pull through braid you guys!!  There are so many fun variations.  I love it because well, duh it looks amazing but because you can fluff it out so that the braid is super full and because it’s tied with so many elastics you don’t have to worry about it falling out like you would with a dutch braid!  It makes a fabulous hairstyle to do on the little ones who have lots of whispies!

1/ Pull hair into a ponytail and divide the hair in half
2/ Add an elastic a few inches down on the top section
3/ Now you’re going to poke a little hole in the center and pull the bottom section through
4/ You’re going to add an elastic a few inches down on that new top section and repeat.  When you get to the end go ahead and fluff it out as much as you’d like!



This is a great little add on hairstyle to the pull through bun.  So if you’ve done the pull through braid and then accidentally fall asleep with it in (I’ve never done this before…. except all the time)  you can salvage the braid by throwing it into a pretty little bun!

1-3/ Star with a dutch braid or a pull through braid and begin wrapping the hair around the elastic
4/ When you reach the other side bobby pin to secure — make sure you’re using good bobby pins or you’ll need more than just a couple.  If you have really fine hair you can also spray a little hairspray on your bobby pin and use a few over more sections of the bun.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post!!  It was sponsored by Living Proof but I was using the products (except theprime style extend, that one is a new one I’m so grateful to have met) long before we partnered up!!

Abby Smith

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11 thoughts on “4 Hairstyles for Dirty Hair

  1. Hi!
    I recently came across your site, I don’t know where it’s been my whole life, lol. For real though, your styling is beautiful and I can’t wait to try them on me and my little ones.

    My hair seems fairly similar to yours, but maybe a bit thinner. I use extensions sometimes to bulk up my hair. Are you wearing any extensions in these photos above? If so, where are they placed, specifically for the pull through braid that starts in a somewhat higher ponytail.


  2. Hi ! Not so long ago you said in one of your videos that you would do a video about how to wash your hair less often and train your scalp to be less oily, I can’t find the video (maybe you did not have the time to do it 🙂 ), but I’d like to know if dry shampoo is your only trick to space out shampoos, or do you do other things/know other tricks ? Thanks a lot !

  3. Hi Abby,
    First, I love ALL these. So pretty and they seem easy to master. Perfect. I do, however, have a question- my hair is very thick and whenever I put it in a ponytail (dirty or clean hair) it always ALWAYS droops down, making any style that requires a ponytail to start, like your pull-through ponytail, impossible to wear all day. Any tips or tricks?
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

    1. You could try splitting the ponytail in half and using two elastics… if that makes sense? Or is that what you were talking about when you mentioned the pull through ponytail?

  4. You are just the cutest thing ever! I missed you posting cute hairstyles and I’m so glad you recently posted some again! You look beautiful and young like always!

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