4 reasons why you should wear bell sleeves

Twist Me Pretty's Abby looks fabulous as she stands outside an old buildling.

I’m OBSESSING over bell sleeves right now.  I’ve really never had a thing for them and, all of a sudden, I’m like — GIVE ME ALL THE BELL SLEEVES!!!!!  It honestly shouldn’t surprise me, I love inserting a little drama into my life whenever I can!

For anyone on the fence, I’ve compiled four reasons why you should wear bell sleeves and how they can improve your everyday life… just go with me on this one!

  1. 1) Mundane tasks like signing receipts or writing a grocery list become decidedly more exciting.
  2. 2) When you’re doing your hair, or your daughter’s, you can’t help but fling your wrists and pretend you’re somewhere other than a regular bathroom doing regular things.  The entire process is just much more impressive.
  3. 3) Hailing a taxi. Not that I’ve ever done this, but it makes me want to more than ever! It’s like an exquisite photo opp that every woman dreams of.
  4. 4) If you hear any music at all, you stop what you’re doing and dance to the beat — with your arms up, of course.  It’s only the responsible thing to do.

Have I talked you into them yet? Bell sleeves inspire more fun and laughter.  I promise they’ll not only add a little flare to your outfit, but your entire life! Okay, so part of me is kidding, but guys — there’s a huge part of me that totally isn’t!

  1. Twist Me Pretty's Abby shows off her stunningly dramatic bell sleeves.

^^  These sandals are sooo comfy!  

Abby's black bag, tan coat, black pants and wedge sandals pair flawlessly with her bell sleeves. Twist Me Pretty.

^^ Favorite cross body bag eevvvvver, from c/o Spartina 449.  It’s a little pricey but it’s the only bag you’ll need this winter!  Also, take note of the calf muscle.  I’m so proud right now haha!

Bell sleeves inspire an everyday photo opp! Abby poses and shows off her outfit. Twist Me Pretty.

^^ See, I couldn’t help myself.  I blame the happiness and joy on the sleeves.

Twist Me Pretty's Abby laughs as she places her hand on her face.


Brian must have said something reaaaally funny… or I did?  It was probably me… again with the sarcasm haha!!!  It most likely had to do with the fact that we were in the middle of the road, I wasn’t wearing a coat, and the people driving by were looking at us like we were crazies.  Wish I could say there were wrong! #bloggers 

The lip color I’m wearing is 2 coats Plumeria + 1 coat Aussie Rose. You can read more info about these lippies here. They make awesome Christmas gifts! Or you can purchase a collection here; just go to Lips and then LipSense Collections!  Other items I’m loving and used for this look:

Abby looks at the ground as she stands in the middle of a street. Twist Me Pretty.Similar Lace Up Blouse, one I’m wearing is sold out —- sad!!! | Jeans, splurge here, save here | Peep Toe Sandal, run true to size | Similar coat here, one I’m wearing is sold out | Similar choker here | WatchStacking Rings | Bag here

Have I convinced you that you need to try the bell sleeve trend?!  I hope you guys have had a fabulous week so far, and tomorrow I’m sharing my Holiday Favorites so make sure to come back!


Abby Smith

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