5 Organization Projects to Tackle at Home

I don’t know about you, but with spending all of this time at home #stayhome #quarantine, I’m finding more and more spots in my house that need to be organized! I’m so glad that Brittney from Homegrown Traditions agreed to come here today and show us all how easy it is to tackle organization projects at home!

Homegrown Traditions shares 5 Simple Organization Projects for your Home. www.TwistMePretty.com

5 Organization Projects to Tackle at Home

Hi!  I’m Brittney Hanks from Homegrown Traditions.  I live in North Carolina with my high school sweetheart husband, Justin, and our 4 kids.  I love finding systems that simplify my busy life as a mom and am constantly sharing simple recipes, practical activities to do with kids, parenting hacks, easy holiday traditions, and more.

During this crazy time of COVID-19 when we find ourselves being home a lot more than normal, it’s been a nice outlet for me to continue to tackle projects at home (even if it does take a lot longer than normal).  I want to share some of my favorite organization projects with you that can be tackled while you’re at home.


I recently overhauled our game situation because all the broken, taped up boxes were driving me crazy and taking up so much space!  I took each game out of its original container, put it into a zipper pouch, cut the name from the box, and used clear packing tape to attach the name to the outside of the bag.

Then I put all the zipper pouches into a plastic bin and it’s been amazing to see the difference!  No more broken, unsightly boxes. I detailed the entire process in a blog post that you can view here. This was such a simple organization project, but it made a huge difference in our game situation!




Since reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo my biggest takeaway has been how to fold clothes and stack them in the dresser.  I love Marie’s vertical stacking system because it’s so frustrating when you can’t see what’s at the bottom of a stack of clothes! The drawers inevitably get all jumbled up or the same 2 things get worn over and over again because you can’t see what’s under them.

To stack clothes vertically, just fold them one or two more times than normal, so that they can be “stacked” against each other – similar to papers in a file folder.  That way, you can see everything you have at once. Tackle an entire dresser, or just a drawer at a time. Take this one at your own pace.


We recently moved from Texas to North Carolina, and organization projects in the garage were something we needed to tackle right away.  My favorite way to get things up off the floor in the garage is by using hooks! We attached a long board along the entire length of one wall in our garage.  Then we attached a series of hooks along that board and it’s been an organization game-changer! We hang up everything from jackets and coats, to camping chairs, to umbrellas, to cooler bags.

Here’s a link to my favorite hooks from Amazon that are only $1 each!


Rifling through a kitchen cabinet of spices to find what I’m looking for is not my favorite thing. A couple years ago I moved all my spices to a drawer and haven’t looked back.  Even in the kitchen I have now, which isn’t very large, I knew I wanted to save the drawer next to the stove for my most used spices. I order them alphabetically so they’re easy to scan through.  Even if you don’t have all matching spice containers (I collected these ones over time from Target), you can try moving the spices you currently have into a drawer. I promise everything will be so much more visible and accessible!


Do you have a huge stack of your kids papers hanging out in a box or bin somewhere in your house?  Now is a great time to tackle that stack! I organize all my kids papers (schoolwork, artwork, awards, etc) into memory book binders.  I just fill 3” binders with sheet protectors and then every few months, insert their most special pieces chronologically into their binders.  If things are too big, I either cut them down, fold them, or display them temporarily somewhere else.

It’s been SO fun to have my kids special items in binders like this because they have easy access to look through their creations at any time.  They often pull out the binders and flip through them. Because everything is in sheet protectors, I don’t have to worry about things getting out of order or misplaced.  I have an entire blog post on how to get started with Memory Books here.

I hope these ideas were helpful for organization projects you can tackle at home!  If you’re looking for more practical parenting tips, come say hi over on Instagram!  I’m over there sharing in stories and my feed daily.

Thanks for sharing all of these amazing organization projects with us, Brittny! I’m inspired to tackle a few of these problem areas in my house now. What about you? What areas will you be tackling while you’re home?

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