Products I Love

May 5, 2011

***UPDATED 12/11***
So I thought I’d share with you all the products I use.  Some of them are an absolute MUST!  And you could say that I baby my hair… mostly because I have to bleach it every three to four months.  And you blondes out there know how dry your hair can get after bleaching it, and then blow drying and flat ironing and curling it ALL the time.  Gol.  Just even thinking about doing all those things without my products make my hair hurt!
So here’s the routine.  I wash my hair every four-ish days… I know I know!!  My husband is always like, “That’s so disgusting, you really need to shower” and then I’m like, “Bri, I totally showered – just didn’t wash my hair”.  And then he says something like, “Gross” or “That can’t be good for you”!  Over the years though, he has just accepted the fact that his wife doesn’t wash her hair…  But if I had to wash my hair every day, it would seriously fall out!  Some of you are thinking, “I could never do that, my hair is so oily”.  Now I’m no expert, but I do know that when you wash your hair every day, you are stripping it of its natural oils, the oils that are good for it! If you start washing it less, and less, it will become less and less greasy.  I can seriously go almost a whole week without it becoming too disgusting!  🙂  And it’s because I’ve trained it!!! Ha ha, like a pet!
I use the Redkin All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner.  Mostly because I break out with every thing else!  I do love it though.
Abby's Twist Me Pretty loves Redkin All Soft ShampooTwist Me Pretty loves Redkin All Soft Conditioner
Then, I put these next two products in while it’s still wet:
Bed Head Small Talk Blah Blah Blah! It does just about everything.  It’s a thickifier and volumizer and it smells really yummy!
Bed Head Small Talk Blah Blah Blah is Abby's favourite
The next product is the Redkin Anti-snap, which I use maybe every other wash.  It’s got a lot of awesome proteins in it that strengthen your hair.
Redkin Anti-snap keeps Abby's hair looking good
Then I blow it dry and use the Hanna Shield, which, is the MUST product.  I would take this and leave all the rest behind if I had to.  This product makes your hair silky.  It protects it from heat and it smooths your hair, just making it AMAZING!!  I found this stuff when Misikko {where you buy the hanna shield} sent me a trial bottle with my straightener.  I never went back.  It’s a little pricey but it’s lasted me over a year already and I still have a bunch left.  Amazing stuff.
Misikko's Hanna Shield will make your hair healthy
And then there’s the straightener, which I leave on every single day because I can’t ever remember to turn it off!!!  It’s been awesome.  It’s a 1″ and the plates are extra long which is so helpful.  I use to swear by Chi’s.  I’m telling you, it was a gamble to buy this when I loved my Chi so much.  But I will NEVER go back.  There’s just something magical about it!  This one in the picture isn’t the exact one I own, I believe it’s the newer beefier version they just came out it.  It’s called the Babybliss Nano though, in case you were wondering!
Babybliss Nano is a great iron!

Next on the list are BOBBY PINS!!  You must have nice bobby pins or they will fold over themselves.  And that just can’t happen!  So, you find these babies at Sally’s Beauty Supply.  You can get a huuuge pack for like $4.00.  Don’t ever spend money on those Walmart ones!  They are expensive and they don’t work!!

Quality bobby pins are essential for keeping your hair in good condition

These are the larger ones.  I don’t have any particular brand I like.  These will hold larger chunks of hair though.  So for the Chignon, use these.  They are bigger, thicker and stronger, so even Walmart ones will work for these.

And last but not least, my hairspray.  To be honest, hairspray isn’t a big deal.  Use the cheap stuff if you can.  I loved the purple Auzzi stuff, but I break out with EVERYTHING!  And I found the Kenra didn’t make me break out.  It is awesome hairspray though.  The best there is.  Not really necessary though.  If you ever break out along your hair line, wear your bangs are and on your jaw line where your hair touches your face, change a product.  Are you using something new?  It could be your hair products.  Happens to me all the time!

Well folks.  I know it sounds like a lot.  And… it probably is.  Most of these items, actually all of them but the shampoo and conditioner I buy maybe once a year.  They last forever.  So it sounds expensive, but it’s just that first initial buy.  After that you run out of the products at different times and it’s twenty bucks every so often.  My hair is so healthy and strong though, and it’s because of these babies.  And because I don’t wash it much!  Be nice to your hair though!

Anyway, hope this helps!!  Love ya!