Athleisure wear at its finest!!!!

Well hey babes!  Happy Apriiiiiiiill!!!!!!!!!  The countdown is on until Summer and right now I’m 100% NOT ready!  Spring is always a cruel reminder to me that summer bodies are made in the winter haha!  I’ve gained 10 pounds since October.  You can’t really tell in photos because I’m pretty much a master at knowing my angles and sticking my butt out when I pose… it’s the truth.  It gives you WAY leaner legs for photos hahaha!  10 pounds though on a 5’2″ frame doesn’t feel too good though.  And it’s not even about the weight.  I just feel gross!  My clothes don’t fit, I’m very unmotivated to head to the gym.  It’s just this vicious cycle.  Are any of you in it with me?

I started the 30 Day Slim Down with Nancy Anderson Fitness last week, Brian and I are doing it together.  I’m going to start sharing some of the meals we’re making and take you along on our little fitness journey. 

I lost A LOT of weight with the twins.  You can read about that journey here and I really dedicated myself to eating healthy and exercising.  And I felt so good!  Going to the gym and eating healthy had really become a priority for me until this last October and I’m so excited to get back to it.  Where fixing healthy meals is fun, where I don’t crave sweets all day and where I genuinely love working out.

I started Orange Fitness last week with my sister.  It’s been THE best thing I’ve ever done!!!  I’m not a morning person.  Can’t wake up before 7:30 to save my life.  And yet, when my alarm goes off on the days we have OTF I hop right out of bed super excited to get to the class.  Have any of you tried OTF?  I’d love to hear what you do to workout and what keeps you motivated!

Now back to this outfit for a quick second, since I basically live in athleisure wear these days.  I’ve had a lot of questions about how I tie my tee’s.  It’s seriously just in a knot… haha nothing special.  And these pictures might not even help but here they are just in case.

I scrunch all the fabric over to the side…

Tie the tail around my fingers and secure a knot…

And then I hold onto the knot and pull some of the fabric back out to loosen up the knot.  I think that’s really the key here.  And the only way to get this to work is if you’re wearing high waisted pants or you’re wearing an oversized shirt.  This shirt here is from Gap.  I got between an XS and S there and this shirt is a medium.  Slightly oversized is what you’re looking for!

And this Freshly Picked backpack… GUYS.  I just need to stop you for a minute.  I’ve tried ALL the diaper bags and backpacks and this one is PERFECT.  It’s just perfect.  The pockets are oversized so you can throw a waterbottle in the side pockets and there are a million pockets inside that are large and spacious.  It even has a laptop separator so traveling with it for work trips is a breeze.


I’m gonna talk more about this water tumbler in my favorites video in a couple of days but if you struggle drinking water, you NEED it.  It’s $15 on Amazon and it’s THE ONLY way I drink water.  Water for me is so hard to consume.  I hate it.  It tastes disgusting and it doesn’t quench my thirst!  But for some reason, you put water in a tumbler, with a tall skinny metal straw and I’m like — YEEES!!!!!!  Still though, when that doesn’t cut it I put a few drops of Mio in there and it’s like having a treat.  Mio isn’t the healthiest of all things for you, I’m trying out some natural water enhancers and so far I really love the True Lemon mixes, have any of you tried those?  There’s also Water Drops from Thrive Market I wanna try and the Stur drops from Target.  Have any of you tried any of either?

Alright, I guess that’s all I have to say

Outfit || White Teeoption 2 | Pants | Shoes | Hat, Option 2Tumbler | Diaper Bag/Backpack 


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  1. I like Sweet Leaf waterdrops. They only use stevia to sweeten, my kids love it and you can get it from amazon.