Hey guys!!!  I shared this genius ponytail hack back in 2013, before my YouTube channel even existed ?.  You can click here to see it’s awesomeness haha!  While you’re there, can you believe that’s all my hair?!  This was way before extensions… and thick eyebrows.  Little did I know in a couple years I’d get pregnant with twins and loose it all.  One day we’ll get my hair back there guys, one day! 

ANYWAY.  I felt like it was time to give this awesome ponytail hack it’s own dedicated video.  It’s basically details on how to create a longer and more voluminous ponytail WITHOUT extensions.  It takes 2 minutes and it’ll elevate your ponytail in all the right ways!

It’s all an illusion!!!  See image below.  I’ve improved my technique since 2013 and I feel like those extra steps make it so much easier to wear!

You can watch my video tutorial HERE >>>

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Abby Smith

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One thought on “GENIUS PONYTAIL HACK!!!!

  1. hey twistmepretty I have been I big fan of how u make your hairs and I would really like to get a ebook