Tub Time Favorites!

March 23, 2018

Hey every body!!!  I just shared our Bed Time routine on YouTube, you can watch it below.  But I promised everyone I’d link up our tub time favorites.  

Bed time is HARD!!  Brian and I used to dread it.  But over the years we’ve just learned that we can spend some really good and much needed quality time with the kids while getting them ready for bed.  So we do things they love, like bath time, and it becomes so much more enjoyable!!!  Does it mean it’s tantrum free?  Never.  There’s always a few meltdowns.  But if you stick to a routine, and the kids know what to expect, it makes the nights run so much smoother!!!

What are some things you do in your bed time routine with your kids?  Do you do have bath time like us? I’d love to hear how you guys are managing bed time with your kiddos!

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  • Hilary White

    Ours looks super similar and then we add meditating as the very last thing. Each kid picks an animal and where said animal sleeps and then we pretend to be that animal curled up in their bed and then my husband breathes with the kids for a few minutes. that helped curb coming out of bed a thousand times a night.