Boyfriend Jeans and Short Girls….

Abby's fall look

Black and tan is a great fall combination

Sometimes I try to harness my inner “fashion blogger” and then I just… I just can’t and I have to bust out a loud laugh because I look and feel ridiculous.  So in case you were wondering, yes, Brian and I have a hilarious time taking pictures together haha!!

Does anyone else feel like boyfriend jeans were made for girls with super long and thin legs? #shortgirlprobs.  I love boyfriend jeans because they’re so comfy and I love the unfitted look but I’ll be honest, they’re not very flattering on my 5’2″ frame.  I feel like the ones I’m wearing here are a perfect example of what not to wear… let me explain.

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Abby loves boyfriend jeans

Leather jacket and boyfriend jeans

Black hat, black jacket and a plaid scarf.

Abby looks great in the winter weather
1) The length is too long.  Now this is a little ironic because these boyfriend jeans are described as “ankle” jeans.  Are my legs really that short?!  Apparently haha because I had to roll them up a bunch and even still they’re just a little too baggy and unfitted near the ankle.
2) The distressing is too low.  The distressed areas on most jeans are supposed to fit a little above the knee.  As you can see mine are almost below it.  When the distressing hits you in the right place, it’ll lean out your leg and when it doesn’t… well, you get the idea

One of the main reasons why I love shopping at Nordstrom is because of their generous return policy.  After seeing these pictures I realized that these aren’t the most flattering boyfriend jeans on me and so I’m going to exchange them for something that might fit a little bit better.  Free online returns — it’s the only way people!  Anyway, hopefully this will help you next time you’re searching for some boyfriend jeans.  You want them to have that unfitted look, but you don’t want them to be so baggy that you completely lose your shape.  Do you guys have any secrets for picking out the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans?  Do you have any favorites?!

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11 thoughts on “Boyfriend Jeans and Short Girls….

  1. I am 5’2 also and all my distressed jeans tear so bad bc its right at my knee and they get stretched beyond the max #shortgirlproblems are the worst lol

  2. I am on the short side and I just don’t like Boyfriend jeans because I don’t think that cut is flattering on me. so good luck!

  3. I feel you! I’m only 5’0″ and I’ve never been able to find good boyfriend jeans and I think they’re so cute! the only time I’ve ever found ankle pants that stayed ankle pants on my petite frame were from ny&co and old navy both offer petite sizes and I’ve gotten extra good and shrinking clothes in the washer when I need to hahaha ! Love your blog so much and I love you and how upbeat and fun you are and your family so much cuteness going on!!! #snapchatandinstagramfamilyforlife

  4. I love when you share your outfits! You are one of the bloggers that I look to for inspiration for outfits (and hair of course!). I feel the same way about boyfriend jeans-I feel like I’m too short for them-I’m 5’5 but I’m not giving up finding the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans!
    thanks for sharing!


  5. I have no secrets for buying jeans. I just have to try a million pairs on until I find one that I like and that fits. 🙂 I absolutely hate the process of buying jeans, but them I’m SO happy I took the time afterward!

    ( is not yet published. I am in the process of creating it and it should be finished within the next week or two.)

  6. I totally feel ya here! I’ve tried on a few at Loft in the past few months and I always laugh (and talk to myself) in the dressing room. You nailed it here – my legs are too short too. I’m 5’3″ with a short torso too so tucking in my shirts looks ridiculous too.

    The rest of your outfit is awesome though!