Inverted Bangs

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This hairstyle has been around for awhile.  I know this.  I have been tentative to post a tutorial on it though for a few reasons…  You know the feeling where you just don’t feel pretty in an outfit or a hairstyle?  For a long time it was the top knot for me.  I thought I looked ridiculous.  But now it’s one of the only hairstyles I wear these days!  Probably because I’m too lazy to do anything else to it!  My Dad always says, “First you hate it, then you like it, then you embrace it”.  That rings true here.  I am sure he never dreamed his words of wisdom would be applied to a hairstyle!  Dad, did you catch that?  I really disliked this inverted braid at first.  Throughout the day I had a change of heart.  I at first felt that this hairstyle pulled my face down.  Made me look tired.  Which I am… but I don’t want you to know that!  Then slowly I started to really like the braid, I thought it was pretty and unique.  People everywhere were commenting on it and I started to feel pretty wearing it.  Whoa- that was a long story Abby!  Okay so the point I am trying to make here is that by the end of the day this braid had really grown on me.  I like that it keeps your bangs out of your face, but doesn’t pull all the hair off your forehead.  It’s elegant and so in style right now.  So.  I decided to make a video.Moral of the story.  Don’t wear a hairstyle that you don’t feel pretty in.  But definitely give them a days chance before you write them off!

You can either let this inverted braid hang, or tie it off and bobby pin it back underneath your hair.


Abby Smith

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8 thoughts on “Inverted Bangs

  1. I’m soo glad I watched this tutorial! I’ve been twisting my bangs back and braiding them back, but now I have a really cute option to braid my bangs back! Thanks for the tutorial and I can’t wait to try it out! I totally agree with don’t wear a hairstyle you don’t feel pretty in! Great moral 🙂

  2. Love it!! I also really appreciate you showing how you get your short pieces to stay in place. my bangs are always poking out of the braid and i didn’t know what to do with them. After seeing you fix yours, i had a DUH moment. But that’s why you are here, to make it easy for the rest of us 🙂

  3. WHAT???? Another book?!!! Yay I am soooo excited. I absolutely adore your other one and all my friends are always begging me to borrow it. I just have to tell them that I can only go a few days with out it and no matter how much they love it they have to give it back! ha
    Your braid was super cute! :)The whole getting healthy thing is a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!