Crown Braid Tutorial


>>> This crown braid tutorial is one of my absolute favorites!  You guys have been asking for more hairstyles with no extensions so I’m delivering!  If you  have extra long hair just wrap the tail all the way around like a headband and tuck it behind the braid on the other side.  If your hair isn’t so long, watch the video to see how I’ve easily hidden the tail and meshed the braids together!







 Thanks for watching and if you’re interested in this hairstyle you might love these ones too!!


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Abby Smith

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10 thoughts on “Crown Braid Tutorial

  1. My daughter is thinking about doing this for prom this Friday! She has super thick hair which makes her braids heavy. What type and brand of bobbie pins do you suggest?

  2. Hi Abby!
    I absolutely love reading your blog! I came across it one night as I was trying to find an up-do for my prom that is coming up, and fell in love. Everything that you’ve done is beautiful, this hairstyle, in particular. It is so elegant, I’m thinking about doing it to my hair for prom. You make the pancaking look so easy! Whenever I try to do it to myself, it always ends up looking awkward, but looks fine when I do it to other people. Do you have any little tricks to pancaking? If so, I would love to hear them!

    Thanks so much,
    Mary Kay

  3. Snapchat family for life! Oh my goodness I was able to do this on my short hair (right at top of shoulders) and if looks so cute and it only took me 2 tries to get it (which is a miracle for me!) ! Thank you!! It’s something I can do to my hair while I try to regrow it and keep it healthy!