DIY Skinny Jeans

I have been searching high and low for some skinny jeans for Savy.  I’ve found a bunch of leggings that look like jeans… but no jeans.  Now that it’s winter she needs something warmer than just leggings.
Just last week was the Giving of the Heart Exchange at BYU.  Kid to Kid and Deseret Industries donate a bunch of clothes for the event and if you’re a student you get to go and just take what you need.  There are so many clothes you wouldn’t believe your eyes.  Anyway.  I found a bunch of used jeans and figured there was no better time than now to put my sewing machine to work.
I couldn’t be picky with the jeans… they were free after all.  And I actually don’t care about that little embroidered flower because Savy has these super cute pink UGG lookin’ boots that will cover them right up.

What you’re going to do is flip your pants inside out and try them on your model.  Pin them where you want them, take them off and sew.  I did six pairs in twenty minutes.  And honestly you don’t even need to pin you can just eyeball it.  On the second pair of pants with the kitty on them… I just chopped them off to the desired length and then rolled them twice and stitched up the sides so the roll wouldn’t come out.  These ones were really long on her and I hated the kitty.  Also I sewed up the pockets and chopped them out so they weren’t so baggy.  Why are there ever pockets in baby jeans?!  ha ha!


Hope this inspires you to create your little girl some skinnies!

Abby Smith

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